It finally happened! After being nominated six times, Leo took home that magnificent Golden Statue for Best Actor in the Revenant. It feels like the end of an era! 

We can now put to rest one of the funniest and longest running memes: Leo desperately chasing an Oscar. Before we say goodbye, how about we pay tribute to a piece of digital culture that has been making me laugh for the past six years. 

RIP little Meme, RIP. 

Some Background: 
Leo's first nomination was in 1993 for his supporting role in What's Eating Gilbert Grape. That was followed by nominations in 2005 for The Aviator (Best Actor), 2007 for Blood Diamond (Best Actor), 2014 for The Wolf of Wall Street, (Best Picture) and finally this year's Best Actor nomination for The Revenant.

23. That's TWENTY-THREE years between his first nomination and his first win - crazy considering all the amazing movies he's made during that time! 

Birth of a Meme: 
The Internet took note of Leo's inability to win an Academy award in 2011 and the rest became meme legend. Meme staples include Leo looking with great sadness, Leo raging over not having an Oscar, and Leo desperately longing for a prize that defiantly remains out of reach. 

You guys -  someone even made a picture of Leo crying made up of pictures of Oscar winners. 

Leo is an Internet culture fixture and no stranger to the Meme Machine. In addition to his spectacular acting skills, he has actually spawned several other memes over the past couple of years including: 

 Unlucky Leo
See original image

Leo Strutting

Image result for leo strutting

Inception Leo: 

Toasting Leo: 

Oscar Build Up:

With Leo being this year's strongest contender, the Internet waited with anticipation. And by waited, I mean couldn't help but turn his quest into a retro style video game called Red Carpet Rampage where players jump chase an Oscar that remains just beyond his reach.  

A Win! Finally. 

As expected, the Internet responded to the win with a flurry of memes and responses. 

This is one of the few Memes that had a resolution that renders the original narrative defunct.It's been interesting witness the sudden death of this meme since most of them just slowly fade away into obscurity. Six years is also a crazy-long lifespan in Internet time! 

Also, if the happy reactions were any indication, despite poking fun at Leo, the collective sentiment was happiness that he had finally succeeded - we were all rooting for him to win. It's the quintessential Internet: we'll mock your failures but also celebrate your accomplishments. 

It will be interesting to see if his win spawns any new memes - we're already starting to the very early seeds of gifs and reactions now that Leo is an official winner (like this one - hilarious.) I'll keep my eye out and keep you posted! 

19 Epic Internet Reactions To Leo's Oscar Win


You might not know this, but Leonardo DiCaprio was also at the heart of a movie conspiracy online in 2013 that hypothesize much like the Pixar Theory (don't click the link unless you have some time to spare and are ready to have your mind blown), that all of Leo's movies actually take place in the same universe. It all starts with Jack secretly surviving the Titanic crash...

Some News: 

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Happy Meme-ing and congrats Leo!! 



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