Spring Tower Planning and Next Workshop

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What are You Planning to Grow this Spring?

It's time to prepare for your spring Tower Garden by deciding what you'd like to grow, and placing whatever seeds you need on order. The sky's the limit for what you want to grow at this time of year in central Florida (until the summer heat rolls in).

Organic Dow Purple Pod Bean from Garden's Alive

Try new things! The seed catalogs that have been arriving in our mailbox over the past few weeks picture so many options it's hard to pick just a few.  Of course we have our favorites but love to try new veggies each season. How about the green beans (pictured above) that are bright purple until cooked when they magically turn green before your eyes. Beautiful, aren't they!

We're trying a new bush bean from Park Seed this spring called Bean Prevail. They describe it as "The most productive bush bean we've ever grown". We're looking forward to multiple harvests!

Although peas are a cool weather plant, we just started a variety called Container Organic Tom Thumb Pea from Garden's Alive. We believe these compact plants with full size pea pods can handle our spring weather with the help of cool water running over the roots and reduced growth time (one third less than the standard 55 days when grown in the Tower). I was able to talk to a master gardener at Garden's Alive to confirm this spring timing. 

Heatwave II Tomato from Burpee

Most tomatoes aren't happy in extremely warm weather. We're trying the Heatwave II from Burpee (pictured above) and the Organic Iron Lady from Garden's Alive. The Heatwave is supposed to handle temperatures up to 95 degrees and the Iron Lady is resistant to early blight, late blight and Septoria leaf spot. We're starting both this spring.

Organic Kale Mix from Garden's Alive

So what else is on the spring menu in the DeCarlo house? We're going to give the Kale Mix in the above picture a shot. It's a combo of Lacinato, Red Russian, Siberian, Vates, and Blue Curled Scotch. Never had any of those but experimenting is one of my favorite things about gardening.

Tango celery, swiss chard, various lettuces, eggplant, yard long beans, basil, parsley, garlic chives, rapini, happy rich broccoli, Diva cucumbers and arugula are either on our Towers now or will be added during the season. Our strawberries are starting to turn red this week!

Remember, you can grow anything that's not a tree, bush, grapevine or root vegetable. Zucchini, squash, and melons are wonderful additions to your spring Tower Garden, so get out those seed catalogs and see what catches your eye!

Tips About Seeds, Seedlings, and Planting

Download this handy document entitled Seeds, Seedlings and Planting. Among many other tips, it contains a long list of plants, where to order the seeds, and the corresponding number of seeds to place in the rockwool.

For tips on keeping seedlings cool as we move into our warm months, watch this very short video, Keeping Seedlings Cool.

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Sunday, February 22nd from 10am to noon
at a beautiful farm and commercial Tower Garden greenhouse located at:
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Registration is required due to limited space plus the workshop is free for anyone who has already purchased a Tower from us or who is considering doing so. This link takes you to the workshop registration page.

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