10 Winter Tower Garden Growing Tips

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It's unseasonably cold across the country for this time of year and we're no exception here in Florida. However, no matter where you live, you can keep our Towers growing in spite of the cold weather. Here's how:

1) Keep your Reservoir Full: The water will stay warmer when the reservoir is full. It's much easier for a volume of 20 gallons to maintain heat than it is for only 5 gallons.

2) Place your Tower in the Sunniest Location: If you have the option of moving your Tower to a sunnier location, do so. The days are shorter and the sun less intense in the winter months. Your produce will be happier with more sun.

3) Use Full-Strength Tower Tonic: Half-strength Tonic is used in the summer but remember to change to full-strength (20ml of A and 20ml of B for every gallon of water) once the temperature drops consistently below 85 degrees. See page 5 of this document for a simple graphic explaining Tonic usage.

4) Set your Timer to Run Continuously on Cold Nights: The water in the reservoir is warmer than the air.  Set the timer to keep it running continuously when the temperature drops below 40 degrees. The exact number of hours will vary depending upon the weather. Make sure your timer reflects the correct time before adjusting it.

You also have the option of moving the 'switch' up on the timer from 'timer' to 'on'. In the 'on' position, the timer is bypassed and the water will run continuously until you move it back to 'timer'. Although this is much easier than adjusting the timer to reflect the changing hours of cold weather, it does require remembering to switch it back to 'timer' and of course, being home to do so. Put a reminder in your phone!

(If you want to increase the temperature of the water, see below for an easy way to keep the water in the reservoir at 68 degrees.)

5) Move your Tower Close to the House: If you can, take advantage of the heat emanating from the walls of your home. We roll our Towers across the pool deck and up to the house on cold nights. The alcove on the porch offers a snug 3-wall shelter.  

6) Break Contact with Cold Surfaces: Because the cold temperature of solid surfaces, such as concrete, brick, or tile, will conduct cold right into the reservoir, you can keep the water warmer by placing your Tower on a dolly or a thick rubber mat. 
Home Depot or Lowe's offer rubber mats and you can purchase a matching Dolly from Tower Garden or here's a similar Dolly offered through Amazon. 

7) Heat the Reservoir Water: One more way to help keep your plants warm once the temperature falls below 50 degrees is to heat the reservoir water with a simple submersible heater such as the one pictured here. Set it to 68 degrees.

8) Cover your Tower Garden: Just like any of the plants in your yard, cloth offers needed protection on frosty nights. Don't use plastic as your first layer. Any plants that touch plastic will experience frost burn. You can place a light fabric such as GardenQuilt over the Tower and then a layer of light plastic sheeting available through Home Depot or Lowe's. A thickness of 3.5 mil is fine. Another option is the Frost Protek Plant Cover available from Amazon.
If you have tall plants (such as chard) at the top of the Tower that can't support the weight of the cover, switch locations with short, stronger plants, if possible.
9) Envelope your Tower in a Pop-Up or Homemade Greenhouse: There are several pop-up greenhouses available from locations such as Amazon and Wayfair offering very easy protection for your Tower. Take note of the size and ability to secure to the ground before purchasing. To avoid frost burn, the greenhouse should be large enough that plants won't touch the plastic sides or top.
My husband made our greenhouse out of PVC pipe and 6 mil plastic sheeting. We erect this structure on our porch once freezing temperatures are predicted and leave it up for the rest of the winter, rolling the Towers off the pool deck into our homemade greenhouse on cold nights.
10) Bring your Towers Inside for the Night or for the Winter: For those of us who live in central and south Florida, growing all year round in the Tower is normal. Protecting Towers by bringing them inside is an option just for the occasional night of freezing weather. Of course, the Tower would be placed back outside within the next day or two.
However, those of you who live further north can grow all year round by bring your Towers inside for the winter and incorporating grow lights. Sue and Harley Smith provide good information on the subject HERE.
I hope these tips help you to grow oodles of produce throughout these winter months! If you have questions, please contact me,
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