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No. 79         29/11/2022

Our next DIY talk


Eating Together,

Becoming One.

R&B DIY are delighted to 
welcome Tom back!

Tom is highly sought after as a speaker, 
We're honoured to have him as our guest again.
Come and enjoy his deep historical understanding
of Eucharist, his penetrating insights,
and his delightful warm humanity.

What is R&B DIY?
We believe that our Church is capable of change,
and of becoming the wholly inclusive, just and safe place
that it should be. So whilst we work in our thousands for structures
to change, we also meet up, even in our twos or threes,
to share the journey to reform.
Do It Yourself.
We live the Church we want to be.

Wed. 7th Dec,
20.00 London time

to register for
Eating Together, Becoming One. 




You've been waiting for the videos of these three amazing talks:

Fr. Hans Zollner
LOUDFence with Antonia Sobocki
Martha & Gert Heizer

CLICK HERE to enjoy!
Root & Branch are honoured to present the first two videos
in conjunction with Survivor Voices and Scottish Laity Network.

Catholic Women's Council, CWC
Click on the image to register.
25 Nov - 11 Dec 22
Zoom ID: 874 9228 5091
Passcode: INEEDYOU
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Dear Pope Francis, you who have brought Synod to our Church, did you really have to say this?

"The Petrine principle is that of ministry. But there is another principle that is still more important, about which we do not speak, that is the Marian principle, which is the principle of femininity (femineidad) in the church, of the woman in the church, where the church sees a mirror of herself because she is a woman and a spouse... Therefore, the dignity of women is mirrored in this way...

I wanted to highlight the two theological principles; the Petrine principle and the Marian principle that make up the church. Therefore, that the woman does not enter into the ministerial life is not a deprivation. No. Your place is that which is much more important and which we have yet to develop"

May Root & Branch gently point you towards the response from Women's Ordination Conference?

This “spousal metaphor” claims a male-female relationship between Christ and the church: By extension, only men can truly represent Christ, and therefore only men can be priests. The simplistic gendering and sexualization of one’s relationship with God and discipleship are not just a disservice to the Catholic imagination, but a tool of oppression. It is only when women claim their authentic call to priesthood that the spousal metaphor becomes the central ecclesiology of the church....

Just last month, the Vatican’s synod office released an encouraging “Working Document for the Continental Stage” which acknowledged global calls for women’s ordination and a collective longing for women in ministry. Yet today, Francis’ reductive understanding of women’s ministerial gifts rings hollow beyond measure, and discordant with synod reports from around the world. His claim that the exclusion of women from ministerial life is “not a deprivation” reflects a man who does not know the depth of pain that women in his own church carry.  He shows willful ignorance to the treasures that have been lost by denying the sacramental gifts of more than half its members.  

The synod implores the global church to “enlarge the space of your tent,” yet today we read the words of a man who would rather build walls out of bad theology than make room for women as equals in Christ.

In this magnificent 7th century mosaic in St Venantius' Chapel in the Lateran Baptistery, it's Mary who leads Peter, Paul, John Evangelist and John the Baptist, with 4 popes, in prayer.

She alone wears the red papal shoes. She wears the papal pallium. Only her hands are raised, because she is leading the men. They all defer to her.

For a fantastic exposé of women's leadership and priesthood in the early Church, head to, where you can access an electronic copy of Hidden Leadership: Mary and Early Christian Women.

And keep up the prayer. And the great work!
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