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Happy November!

Grab a cup of tea and a comfy blanket, and enjoy this month's newsletter! I hope to see you in the office again soon; I'll keep the table warmer on and the candles burning!
Clinical Corner

Video: Gluteus Medius Self-Massage

Last month's newsletter featured this video where I demo a self-massage routine using a foam roller.

This month's video focuses on one particular area where many of us hold a lot of tension:
gluteus medius.

This upper and side glute area is tough to get to with a foam roller, so check out how to use a tennis ball or lacrosse ball instead.

While I generally advise viewing the body as a whole rather than the sum of its parts, it can be helpful to zero in on techniques to release certain areas, taking care to observe how this feels and how it affects the rest of your body.

For example:

- What happens to your breathing when you work in this area?

- Can you use your breath to work more effectively?

- Do you feel referral pain as you release tight spots?

- Release one side only and compare with the other. Are there differences?

- How does this area relate to surrounding areas?

Check out the video here!
Reiki Report

Reiki & Western Medicine

Did you know that as of 2008, over 800 hospitals in the U.S. offered Reiki?

Non-western modalities such as Reiki, massage and acupuncture are now called "complementary" (as opposed to "alternative") within the Western health care system, a small but important step forward. 

Reiki's role is truly complementary, as it fortifies the body's immune system and encourages the nervous system to move away from a distressed state of "fight or flight" and toward a healing state of "rest & digest."

Within the medical setting, Reiki is most often used before and after surgery, as well as during chemotherapy. Reiki helps to increase patients' resilience in the face of these extremely draining medical procedures.

Improved sleep is one of the most commonly reported effects of Reiki, and the body self-heals best while we are asleep. In addition, Reiki is calming and centering, which helps patients to be more positive and to make better decisions. 

Want to know more? I encourage you to experience it firsthand by making an appointment today! Or ask me about a free sample when making your next massage appointment!
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Rave Reviews

"I have never felt better after a massage... It is a great feeling to know I have found a smart, talented practitioner who can handle the body pains that come from exercise, stress and what life throws my way. I also look forward to using Reiki more in future appointments now that I have a better understanding because of Molly." - Scott Day (busy professional and all-around active guy)

"Before we started having Reiki sessions... it seemed rather mystical to me, but I was eager to try anything that might help my pain. Well, what happened last week rather threw me for a loop. My intercostal pain had been quite intense, making simple movements, sleeping, etc. very painful. After Friday's session, lo and behold, I FELT NO PAIN IN THAT AREA. This persisted for 18 hours, after which some aching came back but no pain... Whatever is happening, I'm a believer." - J.M. (wife, mother, grandmother, and retired academic)
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