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Top 5 ways Reiki can help you achieve your 2016 goals

Happy New Year! I started this year off with some reflection and intention setting, and I landed on the word "engaged." So in 2016 I intend to be more present and also more actively involved in all aspects of my life. This is a tall order because I've spent a lot of my life stuck in my head and/or in survival mode, but I know it is time for me to step it up. One way of doing so is offering another Reiki Level 1 class this winter.

Reiki has supported me in achieving my goals over the past few years which included starting my own business, quitting a secure full-time job, doing deep and scary healing work and becoming a certified Forrest Yoga teacher. I have no doubt that Reiki will continue to support me as I strive to be more fully engaged in this rich life I've been granted.

What are your intentions, goals or resolutions for 2016? Reiki could be just the support you need in getting there. Here are my top 5 reasons why.

1) Reiki = self-care: Self-care is one of the most common New Year's resolutions - whether getting fit, quitting smoking or reducing stress. No matter what your goals are, if you don't take time to take care of and listen to yourself, you are likely to burn out and give in to old habits that no longer serve you. In a Level 1 class, you will learn to practice Reiki on yourself and others. A private Reiki session can also be used to support your goals. 

2) Reiki helps clear blocks: Feeling stuck in old habits? Reiki can help you get out of your own way by heightening your awareness of, and releasing, what is blocking you. Reiki helps you to connect to your true self and what truly serves you, clearing a path toward your highest goals. Want to learn more? Check out this pdf to learn how your chakras' health impacts you.

3) Reiki helps you focus: Whether giving or receiving Reiki, you are teaching your mind how to focus in a new way, which carries over into your ability to stay focused on your goals in everyday life. We are hearing more and more about the benefits of meditation, not least of which is improved focus. Reiki gets you into a similar state of consciousness to that of meditation but is often much more accessible for beginners.

4) Reiki heightens intuition: Intuition comes from the body and its energy field, which is constantly picking up on subtle information, but oftentimes we are too caught up in thinking, doing or distracting ourselves that we miss these messages. When you take time for the chatter to quiet down and simply tune in to the energy of your body, you are facilitating the connection between your body and mind. Taking a Reiki Level 1 class is a great way to begin strengthening this connection.

5) Reiki lets you give back: Many of us are striving to be more giving, have more gratitude or volunteer more in the coming year. What better way than to come from a place of energetic well-being and balance? And if you complete a Reiki Level 1 class you can give Reiki to your loved ones or even volunteer, which is incredibly rewarding. Reiki lets you serve as a vehicle to help others without trying to "fix" them, and you also receive as you give.
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