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What is YOUR Body Telling You?

Our bodies contain an infinite amount of information just waiting to be tapped into. Every day our bodies “talk” to us in rather obvious ways; they tell us when we are hungry, tired, relaxed, stressed, and excited. Our bodies also send us more subtle messages; for example, “I’m exhausted; you need more rest” or “your legs feel heavier than they used to.”
When we take the time to listen to our bodies’ subtler messages, we come to see our needs - and ultimately ourselves - more clearly.  When we find a way to “tune in” regularly, listening to our bodies can lead to happier, healthier lives.
Just as with anything in life, practice makes perfect (or at least it leads to progress); the more you listen, the easier it becomes to decipher the messages our bodies are sharing with us. There are many ways to “tune in” to our bodies, and they can complement one another very nicely. Among my personal favorites are yoga, mindful running, and of course massage.
Find out how massage therapy can help you listen to your body’s messages...
Clinical Corner

What is Clinical Massage Therapy?

Many people think of massage as a way to relieve stress or relax, and while those are likely outcomes of any high-quality massage, they are not the primary goals of clinical massage therapy.

As a result of my training and experience in clinical massage therapy, I am happy to be able to offer massage as a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical alternative to address a variety of common physical conditions.

Click here for a list of common conditions that can be treated with clinical massage therapy techniques.
Reiki Report

Do you offer massage without Reiki? And what exactly is Reiki?

Yes. I offer both therapeutic massage and Reiki, and you can choose to incorporate one or both of them into a session.

Therapeutic massage includes relaxation (or "Swedish") massage and clinical massage therapy.

Reiki is a healing technique that aids in stress reduction and helps to activate your body's own natural healing abilities.

Treatment is given by placing the hands lightly on or above the body to facilitate energy transfer. Reiki is being used more and more in hospitals around the world to aid in pain relief, and it has been shown to increase white blood cell count.
Rave Review

"Molly did a fantastic job not only addressing my tightness and muscular aches but also making me comfortable and letting me know what she was doing. As a runner and athlete herself, she was perfectly in tune with my endurance activities and how they affect my body..."


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Just for Laughs...

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