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Self-Care: A Practice in Patience

This month's newsletter is all about self-care. Just a few short years ago, if you were to mention "self-care" to the average individual they might have given you a confused look, but nowadays it comes up all the time in casual conversation. "I need to focus more on self-care" or "My self-care routine is really on track" are not off-the-wall comments anymore. Yay for that!

So what does self-care mean to you? Everyone does at least something to care for him or herself, and everyone has something that they'd like to add to their routine or be more consistent with. So first think about what you ARE doing. 

Do you...
... have a consistent sleep schedule?
... get regular massage or energy work?
... eat healthfully?
... have a balanced exercise routine?
... drink plenty of water?
... engage regular in activities that you enjoy?
... do regular self-massage? (See "Clinical Corner" below for info on foam rolling info and my YouTube video demo debut!)

This is by no means an exhaustive list but are just some examples of self-care activities. Again, what do YOU do to care for yourself?

Perhaps there is something you'd like to add to your self-care routine, and I am happy to support you by checking in on self-care goals when you come in. Just ask!

No matter what your self-care routine, the most important self-care practice is being kind, gentle, and patient with yourself. Indeed this is the highest form of self-care there is.
Clinical Corner

Foam Rolling Self-Massage

Foam rolling is probably the most common method of self-massage, and it is the perfect complement to receiving regular massages by a licensed massage therapist.

What is foam rolling? Foam rolling is a self-massage technique that uses a "foam roll" and your body weight to release restrictions in muscles and connective tissues.

How does it work? According to this recent study, foam rolling improves range of motion. Regular foam rollers report reduction in pain as well.

foam rollers

Where can I buy one? There are softer and more dense options. For starters, I recommend a white foam roller like this one. For more intensity try a black one like this one. And for the brave ones among you, check out The Grid (this one travels nicely because it is hollow).

How often should I do it? Ideally every day. Check out this video where I demo an easy 5-minute routine.
Reiki Report


Do you ever feel like your energy is drained by certain people or places? Do you ever wonder what you can do to protect yourself from "energy vampires?"

As energetic beings, we are susceptible to the energy of around us. It is difficult to notice in the moment when your energy is being needlessly drained. So step #1 is simply NOTICE.

Noticing is easier when you are present in the moment and in your body. Some signs that your energy is being drained include:

- muscles tightening up
- holding your breath
- gritting your teeth
- a knot in your stomach
- feeling angry or impatient

If you are able to catch the "energy vampire" in the moment, congratulations! This is half the battle. If you can't make a quick exit, here are a couple options.

Draw your energy in: Imagine your energy field, which extends several feet around you. Using your intention, draw your field in so that it hovers just over your skin. 

Become a mirror: Instead of drawing your energy field in, imagine it becoming reflective, like a mirror. Use this mirror to deflect and reflect unwanted energy.


Rave Review in "Zach Runs Chicago" Blog

"Coeling knows how to talk to runners and help them address their one-off injuries and pains... Perhaps it's her own experience as a runner and dealing with running injuries... There are a lot of places to get your running injuries looked into, but after visiting Molly I can't recommend her practice highly enough."

Check out the full blog post!

Good Luck, Marathoners!

Thanks to Chicago Endurance Sports for including me in the 20-Mile Long Run festivities!

You guys almost made me miss marathon training :)


Coming Soon... Energy Workshops and Reiki Classes

I recently completed the 4th and final level of Reiki training! This means that I am just about ready to begin teaching others about this wonderful way to care for yourself and others. Stay tuned for workshop and class postings over the coming months!


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