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The Autonomic Nervous System: Who's In Your Driver's Seat?

As I was driving home the other night, a car came speeding out of an alleyway as I was passing by. Within less than a second, I went into what is commonly known as “fight or flight” mode. Within less than another second, I was back into “rest and digest” mode.

Unlike the consciously controlled central nervous system, the autonomic nervous system reacts to internal and external stimuli without our conscious input. This sort of “auto-pilot” setup works quite well for the most part, allowing our brains to focus on tasks besides the control of internal organs or instinctive responses to danger.

The trouble comes in when trauma is so intense, overwhelming, or sustained that our “fight or flight” response gets stuck in the “on” position, overriding our body’s need to “rest and digest.”
Clinical Corner

MFR: Trauma, Posture & Pain

Myofascial release, also known as MFR, is a clinical massage therapy technique that can be used to release fascial restrictions that contribute to chronic pain.

So what exactly is fascia, and how does it become restricted? And how does MFR actually work?

Click here for these answers and more.
Reiki Report

 Sometimes    Less Is More

A few months ago I was working with a client with an acute flare-up of chronic low back pain, along with intense anxiety. I figured there might be more to it than meets the eye.

I think you'll be as amazed as I was at how this client's pain was "magically" relieved.

Check out this story about how Reiki came to the rescue and gave me the chills!
Rave Reviews

"Thanks to Molly I can continue to play in multiple sports leagues while logging 50 miles per week for marathon training, all with minimal pain. I don't think my body would survive the beating it takes without her help..."

"Best massage for arthritis or fibromyalgia. Molly cares about your pain. I feel 100 percent better with Molly!"


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Forrest Yoga
Breath - Strength - Integrity - Spirit

Amazing Forrest yoga teacher and talented healer Anne Paulson recently featured my personal testimonial on her blog.

Forrest yoga is a great complement to regular bodywork; check out a class soon!
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