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FSAs, HSAs, and Massage Therapy

Do you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or a Health Savings Account (HSA)? Both FSAs and HSAs are income tax exempt accounts that can be used to cover qualified health care expenses.

In order for massage therapy to be covered under either arrangement, the IRS requires that you obtain authorization from a physician stating that massage therapy is prescribed as treatment of a specific medical condition.

It is recommended that your physician include frequency and duration of therapy as well, and you should save the prescription in case you ever have the good fortune to be audited.
Clinical Corner

How Much Massage
Is Right for You?

It all depends on your goals!

Check out the this article, where I break down recommendations for each of these common goals:
  • You utilize massage to address an acute or chronic issue
  • You are active and use massage as part of your self-care routine
  • You are training for endurance events and/or competing frequently in shorter events
  • You use massage therapy for stress management and/or general wellness
Read the full post here!
Reiki Report

How Does Reiki Work?

Reiki has helped me through many physical and emotional challenges over the past few years, and I'm happy to share this wonderful gift with you.

If you're interested in trying 10 minutes (on me!) at the end of your next massage session, let me know! Also, check out the sidebar for a special limited time only discount!

If you're wondering how Reiki works, I encourage you to check out this month's Reiki Report for information on the fascinating science behind Reiki.

Do you have questions? Or would you like to see for yourself what Reiki is all about?

Click here to send me a message or to make an appointment!

Reiki discount!

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Rave Reviews!

"I have known for some time that Molly is an outstanding massage therapist. However, it wasn't until recently that I had the privilege to receive Reiki from Molly. She is truly a special person, and I am very grateful that I got to know her."
- Bento Soares

"After last week's session I've been grounded, confident and really kinda light and fun. I feel more like myself than I have in years.... Also my yoga practice has been really great this week. You are clearly a part of what is working for me." - S.D.


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