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Immune-Oncology Platforms for
I-Mab BioPharma
Drug Development Pipeline

Good Morning

I hope this email finds you well. I am reaching out to introduce myself as your contact for Champions Oncology.

Champions Oncology is a leading global oncology pharmacology services provider. US-based, we utilize our experience in clinically relevant models of cancer and assist biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes across all stages of drug development.

Our mission is to provide solutions that enable the assessment of drug effectiveness and identification of relevant patient populations to target in clinical trials.

I wanted to make you aware of Champion's offering in the Immune-Oncology space;

- Syngeneic studies in MC38, CT26, LLC, 4T1, EMT6, B16/F10 and RENCA lines
- PBMC or CD34+ HSC engrafted NOG/NOG-EXL mice utilizing human cell or PDX lines
- Full flow cytometry, IHC and Nanostring capabilities

We have >1,000 established PDX models from a wide range of indications. Available characterization data can be found on our free-to-access database - here. This data includes;

- NGS Data (WES and RNASeq)
- Patient Treatment Histories and Responses (including I/O therapeutics)
- PDX drug responses
- Free FFPE/Snap frozen samples available at no cost for target validation

I would be interested to discuss your research needs and goals at I-Mab in order to understand how Champions can enhance your pre-clinical and translational drug development. 

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or needs. I look forward to the potential of partnering with you.

Best Regards,

Chris Noakes, Ph.D.
Head, Business Development
Western USA and Asia
Translational Oncology Solutions
Champions Oncology |
Cell: (+1) 858-752-4544

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