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VOL 16
April - June 2016

The International Journal of Integrated Care (IJIC) is an online, open-access, peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes original articles in the field of integrated care on a continuous basis. It gained an impact rating of 1.557 for the year 2015.
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Towards People-Centred Integrated Care: From Passive Recognition to Active Co-production? 
An Editorial
by Nick Goodwin, IJIC Editor-in-Chief and IFIC CEO
“There can be no doubt today that the future sustainability of our care systems requires ‘full engagement’ with people and populations as a means to promote healthier lifestyles and improve wellbeing.”
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Co-Production at the Strategic Level: Co-Designing an Integrated Care System with Lay Partners in North West London, England 
A Perspective Paper 
by Michael Morton and Elisabeth Paice
“…touchstone principles were adopted by the whole programme and influenced the behaviours of all partners. Gradually the culture changed and lay partners were seen as essential to the work.”
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Rainbow of Chaos: A study into the Theory and Practice of Integrated Primary Care 
A PhD Thesis Summary
by Pim Valentijn
“Without doubt, no magic blueprint exists for the successful organisation of integrated care best suited for all contexts, settings and circumstances. Instead, integrated care is more of an ‘art form’ founded on a colourful pallet of values and perceptions arising from several political, organisational, professional and clinical fields.”
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Profiling Patients’ Healthcare Needs to Support Integrated, Person-Centered Models for Long-Term Disease Management (Profile): Research Design 
Integrated Care Case Study 
by Dorijn Hertroijs et al
“This paper describes the design of the PROFILe project (2014–2017), a practice-based, mixed-methods research aiming to develop and validate a robust and feasible set of patient profiles for tailored chronic care management.”
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Integrated Health Care Barcelona Esquerra (Ais-Be): A Global View of Organisational Development, Re-Engineering of Processes and Improvement of the Information Systems. The Role of the Tertiary University Hospital in the Transformation 
Integrated Care Case Study 
by Joan Escarrabill et al
“…the immediate challenges concentrate on introducing improvements in the care process based on analysing the patient’s experience, dealing with shared clinical history for all the outpatient processes and working with an integrated global vision on key aspects like home care.”
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How To Build an Integrated Neighborhood Approach to Support Community-Dwelling Older People? 
Research and Theory Paper
by Hanna van Dijk et al
“Our study indicated that this community level is indispensable in engaging community members and resources to meet older people’s needs.”
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Outcome Indicators on Interprofessional Collaboration Interventions for Elderly 
Research and Theory Paper
by Giannoula Tsakitzidis et al
“The overall effects of interprofessional interventions are positive, but based on heterogeneous outcomes. Exploring the outcomes gave an overview of outcome indicators with interprofessional collaboration as intervention.”
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Aspects of Equality in Mandatory Partnerships – From the Perspective of Municipal Care in Norway 
Research and Theory Paper
by Ralf Kirchhoff and Birgitte Ljunggren
“Our results indicate that within mandatory partnerships such as the Norwegian example used here, it can be appropriate to equalize partnerships between providers at different care levels to achieve better vertical collaboration in the partnership.”
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Co-Leadership – A Management Solution for Integrated Health and Social Care
Research and Theory Paper
by Charlotte Klinga et al
“Co-leadership enabled robust management by providing broader competence, continuous learning and joint responsibility for services. Therefore, co-leadership can be said to contribute to provision of sustainable integration of health and social care.”
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Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice in Integrated Care: The Case of the Diabetic Foot Pathway in Tuscany
Research and Theory Paper
by Sabina Nuti et al
“Services whose outcomes are particularly related to Integrated Care should be fully analysed by a stable community of practitioners in order to identify and tackle barriers to integration.”
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Early Discharge Planning and Improved Care Transitions: Pre-Admission Assessment for Readmission Risk in an Elective Orthopedic and Cardiovascular Surgical Population
Research and Theory Paper
by Brenda Ohta et al
“…the study demonstrates that directly soliciting the patient’s rating of his/her health is a key predictor associated with risk of re-hospitalization and utilization of hospital resources.”
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Interorganizational Collaboration in Transitional Care – A Study of a Post-Discharge Programme for Elderly Patients 
Research and Theory Paper
by Arne Orvik et al
“There were a number of barriers to collaboration on the operative level, related both to formal obstacles, lack of trust and negative attitudes to collaboration among the health personnel.”
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The Role of Care Coordinator for Children with Complex Care Needs: A Systematic Review 
Research and Theory Paper
by Maria Brenner et al
“Despite evidence that suggests that the role [of care coordinator] is pivotal in ensuring that care needs are sustained, the inconsistency across the literature highlights that much more needs to be done to improve services for this population if they are to continue being cared for in the community.”
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Assessment of Patients’ Perception of Telemedicine Services Using the Service User Technology Acceptability Questionnaire 
Research and Theory Paper
by Elena Luisotto et al
“…telemedicine should be considered an instrument capable of enhancing the self-management of chronic illness, guaranteeing satisfactory assistance and accessibility.”
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Evaluation of an Organisational Intervention to Promote Integrated Working between Health Services and Care Homes in the Delivery of End-of-Life Care for People with Dementia: Understanding the Change Process Using a Social Identity Approach
Research and Theory Paper
by Claire Goodman et al
“Interventions structured around a Social Identity Approach can be used to gauge the congruence of values and goals between service groups without which efforts to achieve greater integration between different health services may prove ineffectual.”
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