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Dark Pharmacy, The Science of Date Rape Drugs
Dark Pharmacy: The Science of Date Rape Drugs
Although an unpleasant topic, understanding how date rape drugs work explains why they are used by predators. continue reading →

A New Pharmacist's Analysis of S.B. 493
As a pharmacist, it is my joy and responsibility to sanctify October to endorse the profession of pharmacy; for California Pharmacists, however, their recent success with SB 493 passing gives them one major reason to celebrate.continue reading →

Measles Outbreak: A Dormant Disease Regains Momentum
Based on the CDC website for measles, the incidence of measles in the United States has dropped 99% over the past few decades – from 3 to 4 million annual cases in the 1960’s to only 55 annual cases in 2012. As promising as that statistic is, the CNN article cites that the CDC reported 159 cases so far from January 1 to August 24 of this year alone. continue reading →

Why Is a Flu Vaccine Needed Every Year? 
Most of the vaccinations we get last for many years and some we only get as children. So it makes sense that people often wonder why they need an influenza vaccination every fall. continue reading →

The State of Caregiving in America is Dire
While the field has garnered much research and debate, especially in the face of budget cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, caregiving is largely under-resourced and under-funded, national industry experts say. continue reading →

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