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Hello to our wonderful supporters.  We would like to share some info with you about what is going with All Things New and our kids.  Most of you know that last April, we were faced with an emergency situation where we were cut off from the kids and they were no longer being cared for or safe.  At that time, we were able to move 19 kids onto the Hope Rising campus, reunite 10 kids with family or parents, and continue caring for 6 of our older kids who live off campus.  Our time at Hope Rising has been an enormous blessing and we will forever be grateful that we were able to get the kids out of the situation they were in and under our full time care.  When we moved in, we always knew it could possibly be a temporary home for the kids but also had hopes that we would make it permanent.  Over the last several months we have learned that while Hope Rising was an ideal temporary safe haven for the kids, it is not where God wants us long term and so we are looking for a rental home to move the kids to in the same area. 
This move will take place quickly as we have to be in a new facility by March 1.  Matt is in Haiti now and has looked at several rental homes over the last few days and we are hopeful he will find something soon. 
Over the past 6 months, we have hired 20 new care-givers for the kids and our sponsorship has not been able to cover the costs we have incurred because of this.  This has given the kids so much more care and attention as well as allowed us to employ Haitians in our community.  We will also now need to pay rent on a monthly basis which we estimate will be around $3,000 a month as well as purchase a generator, beds, mattresses, and furnishings for the rental home.
Starting today, we are beginning a Sponsorship Drive.  We are asking that every sponsor recruit 1 new sponsor by April 1.  This would double our sponsorship and allow us to cover these unexpected costs. 
In addition to our sponsorship drive, we will be starting some new fundraising initiatives based on this new information.  We will be sending emails with these fundraising initiatives to everyone on this list and hope that you can get involved in one or more of them.  It is vital, more so than any other time, for us to begin adding additional avenues of fundraising as our ministry is changing.  We also, in the near future, hope to expand the reach of All Things New and this is our first step in this process.  Please stay tuned and thank you for your continued prayers and support.

In Christ,
Matt and Jessica Bush



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