Upgrade your app (again!) for even more features!
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Our Milestone Sports team is constantly looking for ways to improve and expand upon our App. We make it our first priority to give our users the best experience possible and the most data to run healthy... well, guess what?!?

We already have a new feature that will change the way you run!


Now introducing... RUN INSIGHTS!

 Run Insights are a way to make sense of all the data we are providing you. We will email you tips, feedback, and motivation to help you improve on your cadence, stance time, and stride length. All of the coaching insights have been created by power couple, Alan and Julia Webb.
(Remember, Alan has the American Record in the mile, so we can all learn a lot from his customized tips!)

How to use:

Step 1: Upgrade your App and it will prompt you to download the latest firmware (this is totally free!)

Step 2: Click on "Insights" from the menu bar
Step 3: Click "Enable Insights" to turn on the email notifications (if you log on with FB, add your email address to your profile)

Step 4: Choose the insight you want to improve

Step 5: Run, sync, and check your email for the latest training tip!
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