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Club Sunday run 24 April 2016 - Tattenhoe Park
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Update; 28 April 2016

Club Store

We have a new On-Line store to order club kit on our web site,

With the store you can now pay by card or PayPal, the order goes direct to the shop who will order the kit and arrange printing so delivery should be faster. When kit is ready then the shop will mail you to arrange collection from them in Newport Pagnell. We have had to increase prices slightly to cover the payment fees.

Please do remember if you are having your name added to your kit after completing payment then return to the store to complete the details of name you want printed.

Milton Keynes Marathon

Redway Runners preparations are progressing well for the weekend- hopefully all the information is below

Rocket 5K
On Sunday aim for a green group Photo outside Wetherspoons at 8.50am

Runners timetable
9:40 - Big Club green photo, outside Frankie & Bennys
10:00 - Races start

Those helping on the course will have been told who and where to report to, but if you find you can help on the day, please click on Event Crew on the MK Marathon site - but this link will close soon, then please go to one of these points - help will be gratefully received
  • Control point 1 - with Martin - at the Cross Keys pub at Woolstone
  • Control point 2 - with Julie - Manor Park, Great LInford
  • Control point 3 - with Doug - Lodge Lake car park, Loughton Lodge
  • Control point 4 - with Jonathan - Walton lake car park, Woughton Park
Cheering points
If anyone is not running or helping on the day and wants to cheer the runners good points will be at the control points above - wear your green tops as helps the runners see you and gives a boost to them (or peg your green top to a bean pole)

Monday Evening
Race day evening we will be meeting from 7pm at the Wetherspoons near to the V6 for a few celebration drinks and catch ups, dress code: marathon tees/ event crew tees and medals.

No club Sunday run

All club runs on Monday 2 May are cancelled which are:
  • Coached /Step Up with Doug
  • Social run
  • Step up at 6pm with Glenn
  • Club run
  • Step Up group with Leigh
Also the EARLY morning6AM run on Tuesday is cancelled on 3 May

The Numbers

Thursday morning we took a count of the numbers from the club who have come forward on the 'Who is Racing Where' page and we have

  • 1 May - MK Rocket 5K = 115
  • 2 May - MK Marathon = 44
  • 2 May - MK Half Marathon = 75
  • 2 May - MK Marathon Relay = 6
  • 2 May - MK Marathon Super Hero run = 3

So 243 - yes TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY THREE people running in the Sunday and Monday Events

Beat the Barge 2016

Forget the London Marathon and Milton Keynes Marathon, entries are now open for the years big event....BEAT THE BARGE 2016!

Further details will be coming out over the next few weeks but visit the Redway Runners website for race details and download the entry form


  • Limited places - for paid up club members only
  • 5 mile, multi terrain course
  • Fabulous park setting with local food stalls
  • Brilliant bespoke medal design (never to be seen again!) and goodie bag
  • Optional event T Shirt
  • Plus two brand new sponsors for this year - more info to follow shortly

All the info at:

Beginners Groups

We are very close to announcing our new evening beginners group - should be on the club Facebook page very soon and in next weeks mail

Do like our Facebook page so you see the story at:


Club video

At the club run on Sunday 16 April we started doing some filming for the new club video with Adam from Drone MK - he has kindly put together this teaser video that looks fab

In the press

Great article on the MK Citizen website and in this weeks newspaper as well

FitMK offer to Redway Runners

Our friends at FitMK are offering paid club members additional benefits with them - for all the details go to:

London Marathon 2016

Lots of Redway Runners made it down to Sunday Virgin London Marathon - including Janet who was one of three runners who got places via the club ballot - bottom photo shows Janet brining a new meaning to drinks stations!

Results at:

Details of entering the 2017 ballot at:

Info on getting a place in 2017 with Good for Age entry


Redway Runners captured

Whilst filming for the Queens 90th birthday celebrations in Campbell Park last week for the Parks Trust, Redway Runner Thursday night intervals session was caught on film

Meet new member David

Welcome to Redway Runners one of our newest club members David Forbes who last week ran the Marathon Des Sables (MdS) - the toughest footrace on earth - to raise money for mencap,

He finished in 214th place - well into the upper quartile and just behind the elites and way beyond his expectations. He coped with the extreme conditions  better than much fitter competitors, particularly on the 52 mile double marathon.
On the final marathon stage, with the 200 elite athletes having a separate start an hour later, he emerged from the first set of sand dunes at the 3km point with only one runner who had followed him. The rest of the field started appearing at various points in the dunes behind, he said 'It was a surreal experience having the rest of the MdS field following me for a few minutes. Even more bizarre was a few hours later as the elite athletes caught up. On a narrow section I heard a voice saying " excusez moi". I moved to one side to let past El Mouaziz (two times winner of the London marathon and runner up in this years MdS).

Well done David and welcome to Redway Runners

Redway Runners @ OU Relay

Fantastic running today at the Les Irving Memorial Relay (OU Relay) we had 9 teams take part - so 36 runners in this Wednesday lunchtime 1.1 mile relay with each team of 4 runners

Well done to team Knight & Day who won the 240 years+ age category with Colin K, Ian S, Andrew B and Julia B - last seen doing looking for a bar to celebrate!!

Well done all

Results for 2016 click here

Some event pictures at:

Redway Runners Festival of Running

It has been sold out for a while - now but the Redway Runners Festival of Running in June medals have arrived

Chicks Chase

Redway Runners out in force for the Chicks chase last week at Caldecotte Lake - remember club members get a discount for these events - code in the club e-mail - another reason to renew if you have not done it yet or join

Club Feedback

Lovely to get the nice mails and this one was from Annette - and thanks for the donation to the club, greatly appreciated, well done to Doug, Stuart and all the mentors who have made our Zero too Hero programme the success of 2015/16
Hi Martin,
Sorry I've been late on this, paid today.
I've actually overpaid - no amount would have seemed enough based on the personal value I have received from the club over the last year but please do with the extra what you see fit
I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you and congratulations on what you have both achieved with the club and for the experience the z2h program has given me.
I signed up having been inspired watching the London Marathon on TV last year and noticed the ad in the paper for the z2h program.  I had hoped to achieve the creation of a habit more than anything else, getting into running regularly and I knew I needed a goal to achieve that, and some accountability.
I've achieved far more than I ever imagined and however I fair on May 2nd, I will be proud of what I've achieved on the journey over the last year, as well as whatever I manage to do on the day.  And all in addition to the tremendous fun I've had with a wonderful level of encouragement and support from both Debbie, the other mentors, my fellow Zheros and other club members.
So in short, thank you!
See you at a run soon.

Marathon thoughts

26.2 things that happen when you run a marathon
  • 1. As you hang around at the start, marathon veterans pass the time with ostentatious one-upmanship. “I see weather’s not good as Melbourne 2001,” says one. “Indeed, but at least it’s better than Stockholm '97,” agrees another. They look around to see how many first-timers were listening.
  • 2. You cave in to peer pressure and go for a pee before you set off, even though you don’t really feel like one.
  • 3. After the starting gun sounds, one runner gets completely overexcited and passes the starting line as if he’s taking on Usain Bolt in a 100m sprint.
  • 4. During the crowded first mile any illusions you have that running a marathon will turn you into an Adonis are shattered as you look out over a bubbling ocean of male-pattern baldness, skinny arms and protruding Adam’s Apples.
  • 5. In mile two you notice a growing queue for the port-a-loos and feel secretly smug.
  • 6. You get overtaken by men wearing wacky costumes: a rabbit, a big tomato and at least two Batmen.
  • 7. A spectator shouts: “Keep going – you’re nearly there!” You’re in mile three, FFS.
  • 8. A skinny, officious man elbows his way past you, muttering something about “race etiquette”.
  • 9. Drinks stations become potential death traps as discarded plastic cups, foil gel wrappers and banana skins pile up on the pavement.
  • 11. Every time you see a race volunteer you want to thank them from the bottom of your beating heart. But you worry it may be patronising.
  • 12. You worry that worrying about patronising volunteers is using up vital energy.
  • 13. Spectators wave banners and placards as you run past, with slogans such as “Go Daddy!”, “You’re all winners” and “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.”
  • 14. You spot a speedy female runner whose rather fetching behind is squeezed into a skin-tight pair of shorts. You join the large gaggle of men who are running breathlessly just behind her. Later that day, your wife will ask how you managed to complete the course so quickly. “What can I say,” you’ll shrug.
  • 15. A runner collapses and is carried into an ambulance. You start to really pity Ambulance Guy.
  • 16. The noise and the crowds cease to spur you on and start to freak you out a bit. For months you’ve trained in peace and solitude – now you’re suddenly surrounded by thousands of people.
  • 17. You pass the 20-mile mark. You start to really envy Ambulance Guy.
  • 18. The route passes a Nando’s or a McDonald’s. You look through the window and see people sitting down, putting food into their mouths. You suddenly feel hungrier than you ever have before.
  • 19. Your nipples start to bleed. You realise that you look like you’re lactating blackcurrant juice.
  • 20. You could murder a blackcurrant juice.
  • 21. People poo themselves. Some content themselves with a colourful leak down the back of their legs, others go full Radcliffe.
  • 22. A mixture of exhaustion, pain, fear and elation mean you start to have a little cry. Well, at least you’re not pooing yourself.
  • 23. You hit the wall, meaning your glycogen stores are gone and you feel apocalyptically exhausted.
  • 24. Somehow, you pass the finishing line. For months you’ve imagined that this moment will bring feelings of enormous elation, accomplishment and pride. It’s all of that and much, much more.
  • 25. You stumble around with your fellow finishers, all wrapped in silver foil capes. You look like recently-released avian hostages from the factory farm Bernard Matthews forgot.
  • 26. As you hobble home in a haze, three words form clearly in your head: never, ever again.
  • 26.2 A bath and a rest later, you go online to find the next marathon you can enter.


Just love to get the lovely feedback from club members about the club - got this through from Mike ahead of his big day on Sunday
Ahead of this weekends marathon I just wanted to pass on my thanks to all my fellow RR runners on the Tuesday and Friday runs.
Without you guys I would not stand a chance of running 10 miles, let alone a full marathon. The organisation, friendliness and support everyone provides is testament.
For someone like myself, who 12 months ago was nervous about running with a big group for fear of being left behind, I am now addicted to the club runs.
Running is tough for me sometimes due to my diabetes but every-time I stop and check my blood levels fellow RR also make sure I am fine and ask if I need anything…..little things like that make a big difference.
So before the madness of the weekend ensues, I just wanted to personally thank all.


The Virtual Runner

Do not know anything about this but been asked to pass it on
My name is Dave and I am the owner of The Virtual Runner, based on the Isle of Wight. This is my first start up business and I am looking for a bit of support.

We offer access to virtual runs. They are runs which are run at a time and location convenient to each individual. It can be run by anyone of any ability and any age.  It can be a great motivational tool to inspire people to achieve a target and also helps to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. For some people it is just about earning another piece of running bling to add to (or start) a collection.

As a runner myself I remember when I first started,  it was the achievements and rewards that spurred me on to keep improving and also help me encourage others into the world of running. However, it was not always easy to access events (either due to finances, location or initially, embarrassment); virtual running offers a solution around these barriers. As an example I have worked with an existing local running group to offer a virtual run night, this could be something that you could incorporate into one of your club runs.

Entry to our runs is only £10 and the reward for this is a shiny bit of running bling. You will also be helping out different charities as each month we will donate 10% of our profits to a good cause.

As a new business I would like to ask you, as a running club, if you would make your members aware of this opportunity and also whether you could help spread the word via Twitter about us (@thevrunner) in the hope of encouraging more people into the world of running.

For more information please have a look at our website - and do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information.

Many thanks for your time.

Dave – The Virtual Runner 


Membership Renewals


Membership fees are still just £5 for another year, UKA fee is £13.

Anyway you can renew now, the easiest way is to make payment (£5 or £18) to the club bank account:
  • Sort code 301553
  • Number 42390360
  • Name; Redway Runners
Then drop a mail to to confirm you have paid - if any of your details have changed let us know - if however you want UKA on your membership and you have not had that previously then we will need a form.

If you want to renew by cheque then complete a form on the club web site (under join)

Put the completed form and payment in an envelop and pass to Martin at a club run or post to the address on the form. Cheques payable to 'Redway Runners'.

Also use link if you want to join.

Furzton Relay

This years club event the Furzton Relay is on Saturday 16 July - entries are now open so grab three team mates and get your entries in.

More at:

Club AGM

Just a reminder the the Redway Runners AGM will be held on Tuesday 3 May from 19:30 to about 21:00 upstairs at David Lloyd all paid members are welcome.

If you would like to stand for the committee or would like to nominate a charity for next year 'club charity of the year' then e-mail Denise Browning the club secretary on by 1 May 2016

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Redway Runners Race discounts

Special discounts have been arranged for Redway Runner paid members – this is the place to find the details

Once you have entered a race let Julie Martin know (e-mail and you can be added to the ‘who is racing’ page on the club website. After you have run the event, send a link to the results to Nigel Sheppard and your result will be added to the results section.

If you have any contacts that can offer the club a discount please get in touch with Jonathan who is looking after these for Redway Runners

Current discount list, shown in date order:

Chick Chase 2 - 18 May 2016
Discount using discount code

St Albans Half Marathon - 12 June 2016
A 15% discount using discount code
REDWAY valid until 29 Feb 2016

Chick Chase 3 - 15 June 2016
Discount using discount code

Silva Endure Multi-Sport Festival - 16 / 17 July
Enter by 31 March for 15% discount, Enter code EF15

RockSolid, Milton Keynes - 29 October
REDWAYMILTON2016' This will give club members 15% off. Start in the 11:40 wave to run with others from the club, to be addeed to the Redway Runners team use password greenarmy enter at;

MK Winter Half - 11 December 2016
Discount using discount code


Have you ‘liked’ our Facebook page yet – if not you are missing the club updates – just click link below and click like


Results are posted on the results page on our web page (that is if you have sent a link to the results to Nigel)

The latest club parkrun results are at: If you ran and are not listed then please, from a parkrun mail (results or newsletter), click the ‘manage my profile’ and you can then update your club to ‘Redway Runners’

Normal Running Timetable

We have many club runs a selection of the main runs is listed below, but you can find the full list at:

Main Club Run - all standards - 'Social run' 4 miles, with loop back for those who run 10 minute miles and quicker, 'Step up group' which does 2.7 miles at a gentle pace and the 'Club run' which does a 4 mile run with no loop backs, so you need to know the route. Each run has a tail runner.
Meet near the barrier entrance to leave at19.00 or if you are new at 18.50.

Mornings -  Meeting  at David Lloyd reception we have a step up/Coached session with Portia or Doug for 1 hour,
6 to 8 miles, approximately 9 minute/mile pace, meet reception 9:30 for a 60-75 minute run.
Main Club Run - all standards - meet at 9.30 prompt in at David Lloyd reception for a max 1 hour run (we mix up runs with Interval sessions or hills or a handicap run).

Social run aimed mainly at post-beginner or step-up level but suitable for quicker runners as well.  Meet on path opposite David Lloyd car park gates at 18:00

Early morning Club run, meet at 5:00am at Caldecotte car park on Monellan Grove, for 9 mile route around 7-8 minute mile pace, led by Jen
Evening social run or Step up to 10K runs or session work (hills, intervals or the handicap run) meet near the barriers to leave at 19.00
10 mile club run, at between 8 and 9 minute/mile pace, meet reception 9.30.
parkrun *, 5k meet at the mini bowl at Willen Lake 9.00 - all standards - free event - should register before attending and bring the barcode, you can register your club as 'Redway Runners' even if you have not joined as it is a free event.
Longer training runs, meet at 9.00 check the web site under 'Train' and ‘Sunday runs’ for details.
Please remember to do your warm up and cool downs before and after the run.
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'Redway Runners' is independent affiliated running club, if you would like to join the club you will find a form on our website.
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