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The "cheer & beer" squad for the Redway Runners Half on Sunday
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Update; 9 June 2016

parkrun Redway Runners Road Trip

About time we had another Redway Runners parkrun road trip, so on the 2 July we are heading over to the Rte for the Wycombe Rye parkrun.

So remember to bring your green tee and we will aim for a big green photo at 8.50 near to the start area

Do not forget your bar-code

Tuesday evening will never be the same again……….

Starting on the 14 June @ 6.30pm a new Explorer Run will start.
The Concept
Initially Tim Giffen will plan and lead a number of run routes around Milton Keynes, each taking in different parts of Milton Keynes; Redways, Canals, Woods and Lakes. The concept is to create a number of running routes for this group to run and explore other areas of MK outside of the norm.
To start Tim will be looking to trial this for 10 weeks. He will run this group as a “social group” and incorporate loop backs to keep runners together.  It will start at 6.30pm prompt. (Runners will need sign in beforehand) There is a plan to do a warm up run to start with, no more than a mile (0.5mile out and back) with stretches from 6.10pm. (optional)
Initially the pace will be at 9.15 minute mile pace or quicker and anyone that attends will need to be able to run for at least an hour or more without stopping. The routes will be an hour long (ish) and will look to be between 4-6+ miles long dependent on runners pace.
For more information check out the website -
The first run is Tuesday 14 June and will be from Bancroft Park (By the Roman ruins).

Yes it's BBQ time again folks!!!

Whatever the weather this is guaranteed to be a fantastic family fun event.

This year's date for your diary is Sunday 31 July @ Milton Keynes Club in Emerson Valley from 2pm - the home of junior parkrun 🏃

Food this year will again be served up by our very own Spencer Ollington - he happens to be quite good at this 😉 Apparently he won an award, who knew 😅 ???

Tickets are £10 per head, £5 for children and can be paid directly to the club account, ref BBQ or to Julie Martin/Martin Lawrence.

Everyone is welcome, hurry as tickets will go fast!

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Cross Country 2016 / 2017

Dates for your diaries ... Venues to be confirmed soon

  • Match 1: October 15th 2016
  • Match 2: November 12th 2016
  • Match 3: December 3rd 2016
  • Match 4: January 14th 2017
  • Match 5: February 11th 2017

These are Saturday's!
Please be aware of a date clash with the Dirt half on November 12th!

Remember paid club members get to race in all these events for free and if you do enough you should qualify for a medal

We again have the wonderful Kerry Cooper and James Down as ladies and men's team managers

More info at:

We also have a Facebook group for this at:

Redway Runners Festival of Running

Last weekend we held the clubs first ever Festival of running with 4 exclusive races for just Redway Runners members.

We held a Marathon and half Marathon on the Saturday and a 10K and half mnarathon on the Sunday.

Many thanks to David 'Foxy' Bailey and his team of Karen and Andy from Enigma running for organising the event for the club.

Fantastic well done to Jen, Amanda, Kerry and Stephen for completing all four events that meant 18 laps of the lake and about 60 miles - awesome

Some photos from Andy C at:

Results click here (opens as pdf)

We hope to hold the event again next year - but we want your feedback for anything we can do to make it even better.

Also Karen to helped with the organisation said:

Was lovely to meet so many of you over the weekend and say hi to those I already knew

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and that's down to you lot - it makes the 'management' side of things both a joy and a pleasure when there's so many smiles, personal achievements and camaraderie going on

Some fabulous champagne moments over the weekend, everyone who ran was immense. If I may just a couple of personal mentions I hope that's ok? To the four who completed all 4 races - chapeau always smiling and just fabulous performances from all of you.

Lindsay completing her first 10k - peeeeeebeeeeeee!!!!!!! Awesome

New men's CR in the half - congrats Genci

The 3 ladies showing the men how it's done in the marathon - oh how I love a female 123

Leyla for 'most vocal supporter' jelly baby anyone? and the kids with theirs were awesome too

A little mention for Neville, fabulous runs both days and then for rocking it at the water station on day 2

I could go onandonandonandon - I'm good at that and mention everyone but this already looks like an over length oscar speech!

I hope you guys enjoyed the weekend as much as we enjoyed putting it on for you x

Day 1 Saturday after the Marathon and before the Half Marathon
Day 2 Sunday before the 10K
Day 2 Sunday after the 10K and before the Half Marathon

Club Feedback

As you know like to get some feedback on the club - this is fantastic from Neville - great progress and think what you may be doing in the future!!
Now that I am in my second year of membership of the merry band called Redway runners I thought it was time to pass on my thanks for the help, encouragement and teamwork from all of the members but particularly the inspiration from the leaders. 
I was a half decent runner in my youth representing my County as an ever-present  in cross country and middle distance from 11 until 19 and could churn out some pretty decent times as I moved through the age groups, then work happened and it all fell apart. I fell out of love with running and in fact pretty much sport in general as a participant. my lifestyle changed and over the years my body shape and general health changed and work stress levels increased. 
Without going into too much detail, 2015 and the early part of 2016 has proven to be a life changing year for me in a number of ways, starting out on my own for a career, running a half marathon (or two), losing a bit of weight and trying "hot yoga".
After finally stopping running at about 21 years old I swore I would never run again as I could never replicate the times of my late teens. Oh how wrong could I be !! Along came Paul Macloskey who I have known for a number of years, who praised and preached about Redway runners like a canvasser for a politician. Following several months of Paul's cajoling, I eventually joined you for last years Sunday run at Salcey Forest and, despite a few hiccups and general lethargy on my part, I have never looked back !! 
Since joining the club I have been made to feel incredibly welcome, I have been actively encouraged, supported and guided and, when I am having a bad day which we all have, I have been cajoled and subtly pushed along to achieve the perceived achievable !! The ethos of encourage and be encouraged that is embedded in the club is amazing. 
It's not been an easy journey, but then nothing worthwhile ever is. The set up at RR's is amazing and the support network fantastic, the way that the runs are organised are absolutely superb as one can chose how one runs on each occasion. Coming from a formal athletics club background where all runs were extremely competitive even when they were not supposed to be I was hesitant to join initially as I was worried that I would lose face and not be able to keep up, but the way that you and your team have it all laid out is super-fantastic as one chooses the pace and the loop back system works a treat.
I know that as I near the half century that new personal bests on the track are probably not going to happen, well not at 400, 800 and 1500 anyway, but the exciting thing is that as I have grown older and improved in confidence within the group, my ability to run longer has definitely improved !! My personal journey over the last seven months has been a little changeable but the running journey, despite its many challenges, has been extremely fulfilling and very exciting. 
The best part of it all however is my overall condition and health where so far this year I have moved from an unhealthy 86.5KG to a more respectable 74.5KG having lost 12KG and am yet to reach my racing weight !! Not to be too much of a stato bore but I looked at my performance versus last years Salcey run and my average heart rate was 20 beats a minute lower and I ran 1.5 miles further on the same run !! Sorry for my usual wordy diatribe but having a moment of reflection made me think that I should drop you a note !! 
Martin, thank you to you and the team for what you have created, you should all be proud and as the advert says "If Carlsberg did running clubs" 

World Duathlon Championships

Well done to Kevin O and Jane R who today took part in the World Duathlon Championships in Spain, Kevin said 'Delighted to have finished 30th out of 42 in my age group in the World Duathlon Championships in Spain. Met my objectives on times despite running the first mile too quick in under 6.30 - will I ever learn 😊. Draft legal bike leg was exhilarating. Fantastic event, great atmosphere and lots of fun. Thanks for all of your support. '

Well done Kevin and Jane

A runners journey

Lovely update from Lindsay C following the clubs events at the weekend:

Okay my lovely Redway Runners. My 1st 10 k medal in 49 years. I just wanted to say thank you.

My green journey began a year and a half ago at beginners Jan 2015. My 1st run ended with me bailing and running back to my car in tears! The tears are still here occasionally (don't mention the handicap run) but look at me now - I can run for 1 hour and 27 minutes without stopping!! You lot have put up with a lot from me - moaning, groaning, swearing and hugging but I truly believe you have no idea how amazing you are and what a huge part you have played/are playing in my life.

Running literally keeps me sane and breathing. I suffer from anxiety and depression and you lot are the best medicine/therapy ever. My mental health has its ups and downs and I've been through a particularly stressful time this year when some tried to break me but failed. You lot have kept me going. No matter what I do not miss my runs.

I have been blown away by the 100 plus likes and comments on Niam's photo of me from yesterday. I have made many true friends and am making more new green ones and admiring the legs every day. There are too many to mention (I'm a lucky girl) but I must say a special thanks to the hardcore group who have supported me right from day 1 and not given up - Glenn Dickinson Laura Dickinson Debbie Dickinson Leigh Steere and Niam Hani with Annette Smyth not far behind - yes I did beginners 3 times!!! Onwards and upwards - well avoiding the hills. My next 10k is on Sunday!

Beat the Barge - Sponsors Update

We can now announce that the second of our event sponsors this year is INSPIRING HEALTH SOLUTIONS

Inspiring Health Solutions is run by club member, parkrun director and all round good egg Gareth Snelson.

Gareth will be busy running the course on the day but will no doubt be giving out words of wisdom on the way round if asked.....I am sure a great many of us can relate to the words in his flyer and hopefully anyone working with Gareth can look forward to some PBs in the coming months!

On sponsoring the event Gareth said "I am really excited to be involved with Beat The Barge, giving back to the running community that has supported me so well, and I can't wait to take part in it too."

Headington 5 Mile Road Race - 28/08/2016

Been asked to pass on info on this event
Do you fancy a fast, flat, friendly & fun five mile race?

Headington Road Runners are holding our annual H5M on Sunday 28th August in Oxford and we'd love to see many of you there.

* Chip timing
* Oxfordshire Grand Prix race
* On-line entries (via Run Britain)
* Technical T-Shirts & goody bags awarded to all finishers

We have showers & baggage available at OXSRAD (Race HQ), where there will also be cakes and bacon rolls to buy after the race.

See for all the details.
You can also find a downloadable poster here (5MB) which it would be great if you could share via your social media outlets:

Thanks,  Ulen Neale, HRR Chair


Entry to the "World's most unfair race"

Been asked to pass on info on this event
"You get out what you put in", possibly the simplest and most accurate running quote of all time. We all like to think our hard work were rewarded on race day and all those who skipped the training would come unstuck.
But what if that didn't happen? What if those who slacked off finished the race well before the hard workers. Sounds unfair doesn't it?
That is exactly what happens in Bingo - The World's Most Unfair Race. The distance you run is a lottery, based on pure luck. You might ease through and run a 10k, you might suffer constant bad luck and run 100k and still not get a finish medal! What would this do to the minds of the long distance runners?
It works like this - Runners will be issued with a "bingo card" upon which is a series of random numbers. They will then complete a loop of Box End Park and draw a number out of a bag. If they draw out a number they have, great, they can tick that one off. If not then that lap was run for nothing! They must go again and again until they have ticked off all their numbers, or the time runs out. Then they get nothing for their hours of toil.
Running is hard but in any race there is comfort to be drawn from the fact that you are getting closer to the finish line and that everyone around you is in the same boat. Not in this race, you could be slogging along next to another runner and at the end of the loop they could finish and you have barely started, even though you've run the same amount!
If you are looking for a very different running experience then check out the website. There are options for 12 or 24 hours .You can enter as a team (2-6), sharing the misery or you could be really brave and enter solo! 
Entry here:
Race report of last year's event -
Location - Box End Park Bedford
Date - 3rd and 4th September
Distance - Who Knows???


Paced Sunday club run

On Sunday 12 June we are again doing a paced run starting at 9am from the cafe at Willen Lake and Paul Woodward is looking after proceedings the run will be for 2 hours.

Anyway we need you - yes we need people to lead the paced groups, if you can help please contact Paul Woodward (or reply to this mail and we will forward on for you)

Newport Pagnell Carnival

Date for your diary! Redway Runners needs you for Newport Pagnell carnival on 25 June.

The creative team have been beavering away on a float so we need as many Redway Runners as possible in their green t shirts, hoodies, caps, also wearing a medal and race number if you have one

Free entry to the carnival for those in green who we need to walk alongside the float and generating a fantastic atmosphere, with our very own Nathan on the PA! We would love to have children on the float, especially if they have green t shirts too.

Please let Annette know if you can help

Let's make this big, let's make sure Newport Pagnell know who we are!

Redway Runners Furzton Relay

Get up...Get going...Conquer!

Join the fun and enter the Redway Runners Furzton Relay, which is a timed 4-person relay race held on the redways and paths around the beautiful Furzton Lake in Milton Keynes on Saturday 16 July @ 2pm. Each lap is approximately 2.5 miles and is open to any runner over the age of 17.

TEAMS: £9.50 per runner plus 75p booking fee. Event profits go to the club charity of the year.

Online entry:

Beat the Barge 2016

Forget the London Marathon and Milton Keynes Marathon, entries are now open for the years big event....BEAT THE BARGE 2016!

Further details will be coming out over the next few weeks but visit the Redway Runners website for race details and download the entry form


  • Limited places - for paid up club members only
  • 5 mile, multi terrain course
  • Fabulous park setting with local food stalls
  • Brilliant bespoke medal design (never to be seen again!) and goodie bag
  • Optional event T Shirt
  • Plus two brand new sponsors for this year - more info to follow shortly

All the info at:

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Once you have entered a race let Julie Martin know (e-mail and you can be added to the ‘who is racing’ page on the club website. After you have run the event, send a link to the results to Nigel Sheppard and your result will be added to the results section.

If you have any contacts that can offer the club a discount please get in touch with Jonathan who is looking after these for Redway Runners

Current discount list, shown in date order:

Chick Chase 3 - 15 June 2016
Discount using discount code  RR_CHICKS3_2016

Cattle Creep 10K - 22 June 2016
Discount using code RedwayRunnersCattlecreep16

Silva Endure Multi-Sport Festival - 16 / 17 July
Enter by 31 March for 15% discount, Enter code EF15

NSPCC Milton Keynes Half Marathon/10K - 25 September
Club member get a 15% discount for the NSPCC Half Marathon which is now in September with  RedwayRunnersNSPCC16 Enter at:

RockSolid, Milton Keynes - 29 October
REDWAYMILTON2016' This will give club members 15% off. Start in the 11:40 wave to run with others from the club, to be added to the Redway Runners team use password greenarmy enter at;

MK Winter Half - 11 December 2016
Discount using discount code RR_MKWH_2016


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Normal Running Timetable

We have many club runs a selection of the main runs is listed below, but you can find the full list at:

Main Club Run - all standards - 'Social run' 4 miles, with loop back for those who run 10 minute miles and quicker, 'Step up group' which does 2.7 miles at a gentle pace and the 'Club run' which does a 4 mile run with no loop backs, so you need to know the route. Each run has a tail runner.
Meet near the barrier entrance to leave at19.00 or if you are new at 18.50.

Mornings -  Meeting  at David Lloyd reception we have a step up/Coached session with Portia or Doug for 1 hour,
6 to 8 miles, approximately 9 minute/mile pace, meet reception 9:30 for a 60-75 minute run.
Main Club Run - all standards - meet at 9.30 prompt in at David Lloyd reception for a max 1 hour run (we mix up runs with Interval sessions or hills or a handicap run).

Social run aimed mainly at post-beginner or step-up level but suitable for quicker runners as well.  Meet on path opposite David Lloyd car park gates at 18:00

Early morning Club run, meet at 5:00am at Caldecotte car park on Monellan Grove, for 9 mile route around 7-8 minute mile pace, led by Jen
Evening social run or Step up to 10K runs or session work (hills, intervals or the handicap run) meet near the barriers to leave at 19.00
10 mile club run, at between 8 and 9 minute/mile pace, meet reception 9.30.
parkrun *, 5k meet at the mini bowl at Willen Lake 9.00 - all standards - free event - should register before attending and bring the barcode, you can register your club as 'Redway Runners' even if you have not joined as it is a free event.
Longer training runs, meet at 9.00 check the web site under 'Train' and ‘Sunday runs’ for details.
Please remember to do your warm up and cool downs before and after the run.
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