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DLRR daytime beginners group graduating at the MK parkrun 15 March 2014
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Marathon Clinic 3 - Final Preparation

We have our 3rd and final marathon clinic next Tuesday 25 March 2014, upstairs at David Lloyd, from 19.30 to about 21.30

We have 3 great speakers lined up this time with:

  • Mark Kleanthous, IronMate who will be talking about that all important final preparation with tapering, nutrition and mistakes not to make
  • Andy Hully the Milton Keynes Marathon (and half) Race Director talking about the final details for the MK Marathon and half, so you know  those last minute details
  • Gareth Snelson, Event director for the MK parkrun and personal trainer on tapering, niggles, last minute plans, what to expect on race day

Places are limited. It costs just £2 for DLRR members (non-members will be £4) - this includes tea or coffee.

To book you need to reserve a place with Julie Martin by mailing on:

Easter Family Fun run

Following the success of our last DLRR Family fun run we are planning another session for the Easter Half Term on Thursday 10th April at 11.00am. If the weather is good maybe a picnic as well.
Children must come with a DLRR member - who will be asked to sign a form before the start
Portia will again be leading the session that will last about an hour (plus hopefully the picnic). The session will have Easter and running theme and of course will be suitable for all.
If you are interested please contact Portia (or mail me and will pass on your details).

OU Relay 2014

We have been advised of a change to the date of the OU Relay this year (Les Irvine Relay 2014) it is now Wednesday 30 April 2014 usually starts about 12.30.
Once have final details will start to get names for teams, etc - believe there will also be a £1 entry fee payable on the day - more to follow
Put the date in your diary - it is a great fun event and only 1.1 miles in a team of 4

Day-time STEP-UP is back and bought forward!

The course is for 6 weeks starting from 27 March to 1st May on Thursdays at 10.00 – max 1 hour, meet at David Lloyd reception and led by Portia. This course is for runners who can run continuously for 30 min or more without stopping.
At the end of the course you should be capable of:-
  • running a 10k
  • joining the main club social runs
  • enjoying parkrun at an improved speed
If you feel you are not ready for the Wednesday morning club run, but the beginners is too slow, this course is for you.

Big Green parkrun MK

Saturday March the 29th is the day that the first DLRR 'Improve Your 5K time' course reaches a climax with the runners undertaking the final hurdle and doing the parkrun, with a PB! so no better date than to have a big green parkrun.

So lets get as many DLRR runners along that day, wearing the green tees, as possible. They will run faster if they know a green tee is just ahead or behind!!

We will aim for a group photo in the mini bowl on the morning at 8.50

If anyone else can help with pacing on that day please let Graeme or Spencer know (or me and I will pass on)

If not registered for parkrun then use this link and remember your club as 'David Lloyd Redway Runners'

Furzton Fun Relay

We are still in need of helpers and cake makers for the DLRR event on the 20 July - if you can help please let Sarah Lambert know, or mail me and I will pass it on.

This is the big club event of the year and need lots of help on the day to make a success

More at:

Charity of the year - 2014/2015

At the AGM on 13th May every paid member of DLRR will have the chance to vote on our Charity for 2014/2015. Could you please send any nominations to Denise Browning and let her have a link to the registered charity along with the meaning the charity has to you. If you do not have Denise's contact details send to me and I will forward

New Evening beginners group

Our new evening beginners group started on Monday night with Glenn, a fantastic 35 for the first group session along with 10 helpers! Well done to everyone and welcome to running with DLRR

DLRR prepare for National Skipping day

During the Friday club run the group took part in the Parks Trust preperations for National skipping day at the Rose at Campbell Park.
Some did skip better than others after a 10 mile run and we also tried to get the mayor skipping as well!!

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Track Session

Wednesday 26th March is track night. At Stantonbury 6.45pm £2 or £4 for non members.
Vanessa will be doing the warm up and Spencer and Graeme will be leading the session.

DLRR Golfing Day

The DLRR MultiSports team rebelled about cycling and swimming and took up Golfing last Sunday, 16 March, for the first DLRR golf day at Abbey Hill Golf course proved to be a great success, more for the glorious weather than for the golf unfortunately.

There was a fierce competition for the wooden spoon which  Kevin managed to secure on the last hole but the winners prize wasn't so keenly contested with Paul Robinson showing everyone a clean pair of heels to win by a wide margin....only Graeme provided any resistance but his challenge tailed off towards the end, bringing some unfair comparisons with his MK half run a week before.

Paul will be back to defend his title in June/July so get practicing and sign up for the next game.

Marathon Clinic tips

At the last marathon clinic Jen took some notes and has agreed to share them with all - see below (Thanks Jen)

The Marathon Clinic was brilliant last night. ‘Men’s Running’ magazine were there (an elite athlete coach) who gave some great tips which I made notes on …

Marathon training
Look at The Run Lounge for training plans
Key workouts
Mid week
If you do a short run do at a steady consistent pace

Do an early morning run once a week at a slow pace to burn fat.  Running on empty i.e. no breakfast (once week for 60 – 90 mins) teaches body to burn fat efficiently and minimises hitting the wall but these MUST be done a slow conversational pace to get this benefit.

Only do one fast Interval session run a week

Short runs (parkrun) do this just slightly faster than marathon pace

Long run do at a slow even pace (a min mile slower than marathon pace you want). VITAL - Long runs must be 1 min less per mile than marathon pace to teach your body to burn fat. Last third of long run can be run at marathon pace if you wish
Taper long runs in last 3 weeks but don't reduce number of days running. Just reduce the distance on long run (and mid week longer run if wish)
Don't do more than 3.25 hours in the 3rd week before marathon day or won’t be recovered in time
Do last long run at marathon pace
Sleep - min 8 hours night. This is key to recover for the next run. Will effect the next 2 runs if don’t get enough sleep
Mental strength and positive attitude are also critical
Fluid - Replace half amount you sweat (1g of weigh loss to 1 ml of water)
Dehydration reduces speed
Have a caffeine free week before event and then use caffeine gels on the day (they take about an hour to work effectively) Use them in second half of marathon
Beet root juice opens blood vessels (take 1-2 hours before exercise)
Take Tonic water if get cramp or increase salts especially in hot weather
Water and zero tablets great - sip over a stood of time rather than downing. Do this every day
Food - Low GI - primal diet (fruit, veg, fish, meat and dairy)
Taking zinc can stop you getting colds
Take vitamins supplements if not getting enough fruit veg
Take Magnesium for injuries
Never be hungry or over full during day! Will effect training for next few days
Breakfast a must
Regular healthy snacks, rice cakes, green banana, nuts and seeds.
At least one snack in morning and one in afternoon
Eat within 5-10 mins of completing every run! Research shows this stops your body going into starvation mode and will encourage retaining the food as carb stores rather than as unnecessary fat (compared to if you leave eating until an hour after the run). Just eat something very small if don’t feel like eating, even if its a recovery drink with carbs and protein in it (recovery milkshake). It also improves immune system
On the Day
Eat 600-800 calories race morning
Coffee before long run is great
Take gel/fuel after 90 mins then every 30 mins. Take it slowly over 10 mins and don't down it!


Have you renewed yet - membership year ends 31 March - you need to take action - click the button for the forms
Have you renewed yet?

DLRR Quiz Night Friday 28 March

Upstairs at David Lloyd, £2 per person payable on the night - open to DLRR Members and DLRR non-members
Teams of 4 people.  You don’t have to be in a team we will make teams on the night.
Raffle in aid of club charity of the year 'Willen Hospice' if you can donate a prize please let Martin, Debbie or Glenn know.

New Daytime Beginners Group

We have a new free daytime beginners course starting on the 3 April, this will be led by Tim and will be on Thursdays at 10.00am from the David Lloyd reception. week 1 is a welcome week with a run and week 2, 10 April, will be an introduction to DLRR and admin week
We realise the first week in during school holidays so no problems joining in week 2
This is ideal for anyone new to running or returning to running.
The runners will graduate at the free MK 5K parkrun on the 31 May
Places are limited - to book and for more info please go to:
Please pass this information on to anyone who may be interested

Tough Enough Races

Had this event, which may be of interest and a discount:
Run along to rural Hampshire and compete in our endurance challenge series Enter 10K/20K obstacle race in May or 12/30 mile cross country run in June.

We would like to offer you a 5% discount - enter 'tg-run' into the coupon box to receive your discount.
What’s your next challenge?


Round MK Relay

Round Milton Keynes Relay will take place on Sunday May 18th.Again this year Abi has agreed to organise the DLRR teams.
The event will be a 4 person (inc at least one lady) relay starting and finishing at Market Square Stony Stratford.

Teams will be started on a handicap basis with the slowest team going off first at approx. 9am. The intention is for all teams to finish close together
Last year they has a record 19 teams and hope to emulate that performance this year.

The legs are:
  • Leg 1 - 16K, Stony
  • Leg 2 - 5.43 miles, Barge Woolstones
  • Leg 3 - 9.61 miles, Brickhill
  • Leg 4 - 10K, Bottledump roundabout
If you are interested in being in a DLRR team please let Abi know by the 31 March (we need name, age on race day, expected time and any preference on which leg you would like to do). the club has decided to make this a key race and will meet the costs of entries for runners who are members of the club on race day - so no reason not to take part.

You can find out more details of the event and the routes on this page:

Membership Renewals

It is approaching that time to renew your membership for the club, it is due by the 31 March, Membership this year is still only £5 for the year to 31 March 2015, this time includes the MultiSports membership..

To renew complete the form on the joining page and return it, all the details are on the form.

You can add UKA as part of your membership - this is an additional £10, the fee we have to pay UKA - details of what UKA includes can be found from the link on the page above

New For 2014 - 2015 membership

One of the main advantages of MultiSports now being included for all members is you can take advantage of reduced rates for member clubs for Tri England - to do this details and links on this page:

The club are hoping to be a part of the Chiltern Cross Country league from September - this means your entry to the races in this series are free to all paid members of the club.

Running Bites

- Have you ‘liked’ our Facebook page yet – if not you are missing the club updates – just click link below and click like

- DLRR paid members get 15% discount in the MKM Half or MK Marathon on 5 May as an affiliated or non-affiliated runner. Please add this code on the first screen to get 15% discount: RUNMK

- DLRR paid members get a £5 discount of the next Target 10K or 5K on the 18 April - event details at: To claim the discount use the code localclubT10K14 and enter your club as David Lloyd Redway Runners, once entered let us know so we can add you to the clubs who is racing where page.

- DLRR members a 10% discount of the Silverstone Duathlon series. To retrieve this please enter the code: DLRR10off into the booking form and enter your club as 'David Lloyd Redway Runners'.

- Kimbolton Half Marathon 15 % discount on the 17 August 2014. A small village between St Neots and Northampton. Race info and entry at;!kimbolton-half-marathon/c7bb The discount is 15% till the end of February and 10% after that. To claim you need to use 15% code 'Lloyd15' till end Feb then it is 'Lloyd10' and enter your club as David Lloyd Redway Runners

- The RockSolidRace on Saturday  20 September and DLRR have the 11:40 wave start, please put your team as 'David Lloyd Redway Runners' enter at:

- If you know of anyone who would like to offer the club discounts / benefits – get in touch
- If you have entered any races let us know and will add you to the ‘Who’s racing Where’ page of the web-site.
- If you spot anything wrong on the club web site or have done a race – please let us kno.


Results are posted on the results page on our web page (that is if you have sent a link to the results to Nigel)

The latest club parkrun results are at: If you ran and are not listed then please, from a parkrun mail (results or newsletter), click the ‘manage my profile’ and you can then update your club to ‘David Lloyd Redway Runners’

Normal Running Timetable

RUNNING CLUB - all standards - 3 or 4 miles, or the S p up group which does 2.7 miles at a gentle pace. Meet near the barrier entrance at 19.00 or if you are new at 18.50.
6 to 7 miles, approximately 9 minute/mile pace, meet reception 11.00 for a 60-75 minute run.
RUNNING CLUB - all standards - meet at 9.30 prompt in reception for a max 1 hour run (we mix up runs with Interval sessions or hills or a handicap run).
Evening run or session work (hills, intervals or the handicap run) meet near the barriers at 19.00
10 miles, 9 minute/mile pace or faster, meet reception 9.30.
parkrun *, 5k meet at the mini bowl at Willen Lake 9.00 - all standards - free event - should register before attending and bring the barcode, you can register your club as 'David Lloyd Redway Runners' even if you have not joined as it is a free event.
Longer training runs, meet at 9.00 check the web site under 'Train' and ‘Sunday runs’ for details.
Please remember to do your warm up and cool downs before and after the run

Small Print
'David Lloyd Redway Runners' is independent affiliated running club but supported by David Lloyd, if you would like to join the club you will find a form on our website. We are not part of David Lloyd and you do not need to be a David Lloyd member to join us.
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