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Awesome green turnout for the Milton Keynes Marathon/Half - May 2015
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In this issue:

Update; 7 May 2015

Club looking back and forward

We held the clubs AGM on Tuesday 28 April and we presented highlights from the AGM report, this is now available on the club web site, if you are interested in the club it is worth a read all about:
  • Overview of the year
  • Remember what we did last year
  • Report from Glenn on the clubs beginners groups
  • Charts showing how we have performed
  • A look forward to the next year in the club
Have a read and let us have your thoughts, hope you find it interesting.

At the AGM we also agreed changes to the clubs constitution, these have been updated and are available on this same page

It is all at:

Weekly mail on holiday

The weekly mail is have a holiday next week - so unless we have anything urgent to send out) there will be no mail next Thursday - the next mail will then be 28 May.
there also be a longer delay than normal in responding to club mails. Apologies for any inconvenience

Beat the Barge - tees

The final design for this summers 'must have' fashion item can now be revealed!

The 2015 Beat The Barge T Shirt is available to pre-order only - head to the Redway Runners website to download an entry form to order

Medal Run

Well we are reaching the end of the Spring marathon season and the Marathon training runs - this Sunday's is the most important (know we have a few with some marathons to come) and it has been a great few weeks for the many Redway Runners at Paris, Manchester, Boston, London and the Milton Keynes Marathon - it is our end of season almost famous Medal run this Sunday (10 May) from the pub at Caldecotte Lake at 9.00am, we will have a 'fun' run which will be roughly 80 to 90 minutes then - if we bring something for a picnic we can do this outside the pub.

Wear your marathon tees or favourite race tee and bring your medal(s).

If you can not make the run just come along for the picnic - usually have a big crowd for this - hope the weather is kind to us

Our Sunday runs do not finish after this week, they go right through the year, details of these are at:

Round MK Relay Update

The Round MK Relay is coming up soon, Sunday 17 May, looks like we have only 2 teams this year - they are below, any team name suggestions? Also runners confirm they can still take part and know their leg (we currently have one reserve)

Team 1;
Leg 1 Stuart Sullivan
Leg 2 Neil Goodwin
Leg 3 Ben Fairhall
Leg 4 Rich Docherty
Team 2;
Leg 1 Gareth Snelson
Leg 2 Phillipa Fairhall
Leg 3 Sgt Mack
Leg 4 Marcus Cookham

Update on legs 2 and 4;
Leg 2

Follow instructions up the H8 underpass. Go through underpass and continue straight on keeping Groveway (H9) on the left. After 100 metres cross H9 and turn left on to the path the runs in front of the Vaughan show room. This pass picks up the original route.

Leg 4
The footpath 500 metres from Upper Weald is closed so carry on down the road, past the Shoulder of Mutton on your right, and, at the end of the road, turn right. This road picks up the old route at Milford Road.


Redway Runners Charity of the year Update to March 2015

We have this week made the payment for the amount raised by the club for last years 'Redway Runners charity of the year' to Harry's Rainbow Charitable Trust, we should also be able to get the amount matched meaning the charity will receive in total from the clubs work the amount of £3,623 - a fantastic amount well done to everyone in the club.

This is the latest Charity that we have been able to help and now in total as a club we have raised almost £13,000 in three years, an amazing achievement by all involved well done.

The 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon ballot

If you are a UK resident and want to apply for a place in the 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon please follow the link below to the 2016 Online Ballot Entry System.
The ballot closes at 17pm on the 8 May

Milton Keynes Marathon/Half

What a fantastic day for the club, great efforts from everyone who ran in any of the races, helped out all around the event.

Great video from Three Counties Radio - spot the Redway runners at:

Results at:
They show 86 Redway Runners for the half, 33 for the marathon and one team for the relay

Few comments:

Alex G - Brilliantly organised event with really "up for it" marshals, makes the world of difference! Also massive thank you to the Redway Runners girl who picked me up after cramping at 25.5, probably costing her 2:00 time, incredibly selfless act! (MK Marathon FB Page)

Pete C - I know that it's already been said hundreds of times before,but a huge thank you to everybody for their support yesterday at the MK marathon,Redway Runners must be one of the top running clubs in the country,everywhere we go we all that can been Seen n heard are are cry's of support and encouragement for a massive green army,speaks volumes to Martin and his team,can't thank you enough for turning mine and Kaths running into a real pleasure with some fantastic people (RR FB Page)

parkrun - 23 May

Looks like the MK parkrun is cancelled on the 23 May (Outdoor show at Willen) so perfect time for a Redway Runners road trip to the Buckingham parkrun

MK junior parkrun needs your Waitrose tokens!

This month, MK junior parkrun is one of the three local community projects/causes that will benefit from the Waitrose Community Matters projects.

However, they are taking part in this scheme at the Buckingham store and NOT the Oakgrove store.

If you shop in Waitrose in Oakgrove they would appreciate it you would save your tokens and bring them along to a parkrun between now and the 31st May where Kas and the MK junior parkrun team (or Martin) will be collecting them to deliver them to the Buckingham store.

The more tokens they get the bigger the share of the £1,000 they receive, so please consider giving them your tokens!

Thank you!

Silverstone 10K

Few of us took to the race track at Silverstone for the first race in the East Midland Grand Prix series with the 10K which saw some awful conditions to run in with driving rain and hail.

Results on the MMKAC web site

Sunday club run

With the MK Marathon on the Monday and being a fairly wet morning only 11 out for the Sunday run this week for an off-road run from Newport Pagnell

MK Infinity Run 2015

If anyone is up for a new MK challenge, MK Infinity Run now has 3 categories, 25 miles, 50 miles and the Ultra 100 miles!

For any of  you that are interested, they have an early bird offer. For more information, prices etc, here's the link:

OU Relay results

We have now have the results from the OU relay on Wednesday 29 April, a couple of revisions have been made to the original set
These are available on the club web site

London Marathon - MK Citizen

We are in the MK Citizen on-line with a picture and in the paper on page 72 - also in the paper on the same page is our Jessica Cox with picture and article- well spotted Janet

Help for Heroes Bear at the MK Marathon

We asked club member Alan McKinnon for his account of running the MK Half Marathon is the bear costume, this is what he said:

Ok why did I do this? It started at last year’s MK Winter Half Marathon when after not getting the time I wanted (1:37 instead of a 1:35) I found after that I was on a real low, most of you that run will understand!
Anyway I made a promise to myself that I will never run another Marathon/half Marathon for me to get a time, instead I will do something different and challenging, as PB’s are history for me, 51st birthday next month.
So the first one was the MK festival 20 mile guiding Louise who is completely blind.

The week after was helping Emma to a PB time of 1:40 at Silverstone Half, taking a massive 4 minutes of her PB.

Then the full Marathon with Abi (Duracell Bunny) as she was doing her 7/7 Days! (I only did one with her)
So to Hero Bear, as I was booking the May half marathon about 6 weeks ago I thought to myself I should ask Mark the H4H (Help for Heroes) rep if there is anything he thinks I can do for the half that would help there charity? With a bit of a chuckle he replied “You can run in the Hero Bear costume?” Without even thinking, I am good at that, I said yes ok. Thinking to myself how hard can it be?

Mark said right I will send a request to HQ for the Bear costume to be here the week before the race, so that’s me I know what I am doing for the Half. At this time I had no idea what I was letting myself in for but with childlike naivety I started to prepare for this challenge by asking a friend Lisa if she wanted to run the half with me? Let me think about it was her reply.

Great start still never the less I just kept doing my running as often as possible out with RR on club runs and some with Lisa and solo runs. Eventually Lisa said yup let’s do it so did Sarah and Kerry. Great I had my team of helpers but still thinking I will just need them for a bit of motivation on the day, but the week before the race I went to collect the costume! OMG two things were apparent the instant I tried it on, first I could not see a thing out of it and second was that it was all so heavy but with no ventilation at all!
At this point and I will and have already said, if it not for Lisa Kerry and Sarah I would not have completed the course on the day.

Marathon day then, we all met at Lisa’s and got our self’s dressed ready (Some had more than other to put on!) But this is when I really started to get concerned about the lack of visibility as many other runners expect you to see them cut across you and presume you will just get out of their way, so I did let the girls know how worried I was about this and how little I could see. Their reply was typical “Don’t worry Mackaroo we will look after you” But said with a smirk.

Now with the Bears head on my head all I could see out of was the nose witch was a black foam mesh that looked down at about 20% so if someone was 5 feet in front of me I could just make out there backside but nothing to the sides up or down just this very hazy view through the nose.

So after all the photos we made our way to the start point with Lisa at the front Kerry to my left and Sarah to the right we set of, the girls were great shouting to other runners to give us room and moving people out the way, at this point I am still thinking, yes I got this no problem as we were moving at 9 min miles by the first mile and I could hear all the support from the crowds so all at this point was good, but then the first drama about mile 2, I had a camel back on with 3ltr of ice and water so thought drink time as by now the sweat was pouring out of me. Tube in my mouth and suck! Got nothing!! Suck some more still nothing! Suck like a Thai hooker on a bonus and still got nothing! Ok bin the camel back it’s now dead weight, so I asked Sarah and Kerry if they can give it to a young lad that comes to one of my clubs that was on the side of the road cheering us on. But unfortunately that was then the last time we saw Sarah and Kerry till very near the end.
Still Lisa was my rock and she just kept up the pace and kept almost every one clear of me but now I was starting to dehydrate and still a long way from the next water point, so she started shouting out as we ran if anyone had any water and luckily two runners handed their bottles to me (Whoever you were I am so grateful) as soon as I got both down me I started to sweat again, we then collected 2 bottles of water at the next water point and I got them inti me as well but by and mile 8 I was in trouble again! 2 things this time first the sun had come out and was shining onto the nose of the bear witch was now wet with sweat and breath so was dazzling me inside so all I could make out was two small pink stripes across Lisa’s arse when she kept to 5 feet in front any further or closer I lost all vision. Second was dehydrating again, thanks to Theresa who dived into her bag and gave us her own bottle of water to keep us going.

Mile 9 we collected more water and kept up the pace and by this time we were starting to overtake other runners and getting lots of encouragement from everywhere even other runners were cheering us on however I was starting to struggle a bit and feeling wobbly on my feet and thinking I can’t keep this pace so called to Lisa slow a little and she did well for about 100m lol but it was only because we had been climbing the hill towards mile 10 and I had no idea of any elevation on the whole run. Next thing was then coming into the lake area and that was just a nightmare as the path was so uneven and with not being able to see we had to stop so I could get even more water in me but then Sarah caught us back up.

She asked if all ok and got a nod so of we went again but the bridges and that path were tough but we got out the lake area relatively unscathed, but I was now so exhausted it was only the constant encouragement from people cheering and Lisa keeping me going that I managed to keep running, as we came down past the KFC in the carpark my legs actually started to give way not helped by the speed bumps that I could not see but somehow I managed to keep them under me and just kept focusing on the two little pink stripes running in front of me, as we entered the stadium all I heard was this roar from the crowed, I thought I better put some effort in for them so started to sprint for the line or so I thought! My head was happy to do that at the end but my legs were having none of it! Still we got over the line in 2 hours and 1 second. Or should I say stumbled and collapsed over the line.

I don’t think I have ever been so exhausted or had to put so much into a run as I did on Monday. But it was so worth it remembering who for and why I was doing it!

I must say thanks to the 3 girls Kerry Sarah and especially Lisa thank you so much. Redway Runners I did not see many of you but I sure heard you all.

And to the race marshals and organisers, fantastic day thank you.
Sgt Mack. 


Membership Renewals

If your membership has now run out then YOU ARE NO LONGER A MEMBER OF REDWAY RUNNERS, You must not claim any discount on race entries for being a member of Redway Runners, claim discounts at local shops or stores - you membership card is out of date. You will have to pay the higher price for club kit and at club track sessions.

If you want to renew then you need to make payment (£5 or £17) to the club bank account:
  • Sort code 301553
  • Number 42390360
  • Name; Redway Runners
Then mail to to confirm you have paid - if any of your details have changed let us know - if however you want UKA on your membership and you have not had that previously then we will need a form.

Or put payment in an envelop, write your full name on the envelop and pass to Martin at a club run. Cheques payable to 'Redway Runners'.


If you are a new member then please complete the form on the club web site, under join, and let us have it with payment.

Greensand Ridge Relay 2015

Entry is going in for the Greensand Ridge Relay which is taking place on Saturday 20 June. There has not been a great response so going to put the entry in over next few days for just the two teams. If you are interested please let Denise/Martin know and we can enter some more teams, we will not have the opportunity later as it will sell out.

Redway Runners Race discounts

Special discounts have been arranged for Redway Runner paid members – this is the place to find the details

Once you have entered a race let Julie Martin know (e-mail and you can be added to the ‘who is racing’ page on the club website. After you have run the event, send a link to the results to Nigel Sheppard and your result will be added to the results section.

If you have any contacts that can offer the club a discount please get in touch with Jonathan who is looking after these for Redway Runners

Current discount list, shown in date order:

Chaps Chase 2 – 13th May 2015
15% discount using discount code

Hercules Festival Of Sport, Luton - 24th May 2015
15% discount on all events using discount code HERCULESRR15 

Fundu Moldovei ultra, Romania - 5-7 June 2015
25% discount using discount code UKRC 

Chicks Chase 3 – 10th June 2015
15% discount using discount code

Chaps Chase 3 – 17th June 2015
15% discount using discount code

Wicksteed Olympic, Sprint and Novice triathlon - Kettering 21st June 2015
20% discount on registration using code Redway20 - Code only valid to the end of December

Cattle Creep 10k – 24th June 2015
15% discount using discount code

Chicks Chase 4 – 8th July 2015
15% discount using discount code

Chaps Chase 4 – 15th July 2015
15% discount using discount code

NSPCC Half Marathon - 12th July 2015
10% discount using code DVDLYD when registering
Website: http:/

Stowe 5k, 10k and Half Marathon - 12th July 2015
20% discount using code Redway20 on all races if registering before 31st January or 10% discount using code Redway10 if registering after 31st January

Kimbolton Half Marathon - 16th August 2015
10% discount using code DLRR123 when registering

MK Infinity Run - 12/13th September 2015

£10 discount off normal registration fee on either the solo, tag team of 2 or team relay of 4 event

RockSolid Race - 19 September 2015
Redway Runners start wave is 11:40 - To join the Redway Runners team the password is 'Redway Runners'  Then try 'Redway' in the promo code field as this may give you a discount

River Thames Half Marathon - 18th October 2015
£4 off when using code red4off when registering

MK Winter Half - December 2015
15% discount using discount code RR_MKWH_2015


Running Bites

Have you ‘liked’ our Facebook page yet – if not you are missing the club updates – just click link below and click like


Results are posted on the results page on our web page (that is if you have sent a link to the results to Nigel)

The latest club parkrun results are at: If you ran and are not listed then please, from a parkrun mail (results or newsletter), click the ‘manage my profile’ and you can then update your club to ‘Redway Runners’

Normal Running Timetable

RUNNING CLUB - all standards - 'Social run' 4 miles, with loop back for those who run 10 minute miles and quicker, 'Step up group' which does 2.7 miles at a gentle pace and the 'Club run' which does a 4 mile run with no loop backs, so you need to know the route. Each run has a tail runner.
Meet near the barrier entrance at 19.00 or if you are new at 18.50.
6 to 8 miles, approximately 9 minute/mile pace, meet reception 10.00 for a 60-75 minute run.
RUNNING CLUB - all standards - meet at 9.30 prompt in at David Lloyd reception for a max 1 hour run (we mix up runs with Interval sessions or hills or a handicap run).
Morning core session at 10.00 at Special Ops near Simpson village
Evening social run or Step up to 10K runs or session work (hills, intervals or the handicap run) meet near the barriers at 19.00
10 mile club run, at between 8 and 9 minute/mile pace, meet reception 9.30.
parkrun *, 5k meet at the mini bowl at Willen Lake 9.00 - all standards - free event - should register before attending and bring the barcode, you can register your club as 'Redway Runners' even if you have not joined as it is a free event.
Longer training runs, meet at 9.00 check the web site under 'Train' and ‘Sunday runs’ for details.
Please remember to do your warm up and cool downs before and after the run.
Small Print
'Redway Runners' is independent affiliated running club, if you would like to join the club you will find a form on our website. We are not part of David Lloyd and you do not need to be a David Lloyd member to join us.
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