"The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined nonconformists
who are dedicated to justice, peace and brotherhood."
- Martin Luther King Jr.
"Love what these folks have to say! Recording a conversation on equity in design with @RosaSheng @egraia @section_cut " -Marilyn Moedinger (Photo Credit)
SC curators in Boston met with Rosa T. Sheng AIA on monday to discuss Women in Design and The Missing 32%. Yep that's a microphone on the table - we will be developing an SC GIANTs podcast episode from it in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

< "Love what these folks have to say! Recording a conversation on equity in design with @RosaSheng @egraia @section_cut "
-Marilyn Moedinger (Photo Credit)
As noted in last week's newsletter, SC has partnered with UTK to deliver weekend workshops under the heading "Digital Deployment."  Beginning next week, SC Curators will be teaching a series of 4 workshops this semester. On saturday, Jono and Robert will lead a group of students in the construction of masks using Rhino and Pepakura!
Live in the Los Angeles area?
Micah Rutenberg directs THE WEDGE GALLERY @ Woodbury University's Architecture School, with a new show opening this week:
Down the Rabbit Hole: 
Experiments in Quantum Modeling
January 20 - February 13
Tues / Fri 11am-1pm, Sat 1-4pm
Opening reception: January 20, 6-9pm food and beverages will be served.2
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This highly unfortunate news ended this past week on a somber note - The organization has had a very successful run engaging communities across the globe, particularly in post-disaster situations; it remains to be seen who will fill their void. It wasn't a perfect project, but nothing in this world is. But their intentions good, architecture rigorous, and impacts felt, hopefully for good.
Blane Brownell at Architect Magazine (and U. Minnesota) responds eloquently to a spike in recent criticism (or outright banning) of architectural innovation by critics outside the profession - 'lay folk.' "What is unsettling about these and other critiques is not their disapproval of a particular style or approach, but rather their uniform censure of architectural innovation—the aspiration to solve challenges, to improve upon old models, or to simply evade obsolescence." To confront this criticism, Brownell takes 3 historical examples (Chartres Cathedral, Gaudi's Sagrada Famillia, and Piano/Rogers Pompedieu Center) through the rational explanation of how they innovated against the odds. Unfortunately one problem with this tactic is the critics are reactionary - to their (or perceived constituents) beliefs, morals, and general worldview that is at odds with those seeking out innovation.  
A bit uncomfortable, but convincing. “There is strong evidence that when neighborhood disadvantage declines, the economic fortunes of black youth improve, and improve rather substantially....In other words, the problem isn’t so much that gentrification hurts black neighborhoods; it’s that it too often bypasses them." We have severe social disparity, and all too often it seems that the neighborhoods that could really use the lift, aren't getting it. 
Oregon Trail returns, dysentery included
A truly important article for CNN Money to run of course...but hey, for all you kids of the 90s, this hits home...on the range.  Tweet your best scores to @section_cut. On second thought, tweet us something more interesting.
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
This article, while absurd in premise, is arguably one of the most meaningful works of philosophy I've read in a long time. Here's the money quote:

"Because when we give too many fucks, when we choose to give a fuck about everything, then we feel as though we are perpetually entitled to feel comfortable and happy at all times, that’s when life fucks us."  

Beauty is Embarrassing

Wayne White was one of the co-creators of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, and is an artist of several mediums – painting, sculpture, and the spoken word. This is an excellent film about carving out your own path in spite of market forces and the normative; the discovery of self through creative exuberance, and the joy that ‘owning it’ affords. Inspirational, entertaining, and excellent for a date night. $4.99 via Wayne’s official website supports the artist and the writers directly. (free playbacks)

- Kyle Sturgeon

Design is a Job

by: Mike Monteiro
Design is a Job is a brilliant and concise guide to the often misunderstood design business. While the book is generally geared towards the graphic design/web design world, almost all of it is applicable to the world of architecture. The guide covers everything from getting clients, charging for your work, presenting your work, contracts, and understanding the importance and value of your own design process. All of this knowledge is disseminated in a very humorous, anecdotal, and brief read. Quite an achievement. 

- Thomas Affeldt

Zojirushi Travel Mug

After years of disappointment, I have finally found a travel mug. Actually, it’s really a thermos that you can drink out of. If the top is closed, the liquid stays inside, and there’s a lid lock to keep it that way. I’ve thrown this in my pack for long days of ice climbing, and never had a spill while enjoying hot coffee all day in single-digit temps. Plus, the lid operates one handed, so you can drink while driving.

- Nicholas Kuhl

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