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June 2014 - places around the world
In a country of just five million people, a lot of different cultures live together in an innumerable quantity of different cultures and ethnic groups. Ecuador is a country rich in diversity. From Amazonian cultures to the afro/latin of the coast. The expression of the beauty of these differences is in the handcrafts.A kind of handcraft that has the characteristics of the place from where it comes and his culture. A travel around all Ecuadorian territory discovering the handcrafts through the faces, the wrinkles and the raw hands of these beautiful artisans.       
Ph Alessandro Parente
Morocco, a wealth of different landscapes. You can go from city full of monuments and ancient architectures such as Marrakech, to get to the mountains of 'Atlas passing by the coast. Every landscape retains a different culinary tradition, from fish to couscous. It 's the place to try the famous Argan oil, produced by Berber women with an age-old tradition.
Ph Alessandro Parente
The sea of Tunisia. After the upheavals of the Arab Spring the newfound political stability and economic dynamism of the Tunisian civil society promote tourism. More than a thousand kilometers of coastline reveal an extraordinary natural heritage. Sea, beaches and fishing villages, such as Tabarka and Sidi Bou Said, who have conquered many artists, from Paul Klee to Louis Moilliet.
Ph Dino Fracchia
The Skyscrapers, landmark of Hong Kong, appear like columns of melted rock. In Hong Kong the extension of flat land and building area is small, while the number of skyscrapers is the highest in the world, the city has a high density of buildings, some of them are even  up to hundred floors. Hong Kong is like “suspended” between different worlds: between changes in exchange rates and stock quotes, real estate speculation and yuan from the chinese of the main land, who rushed in crowds while their richness grows. But the city is also “suspended” on the sedimented layers of its past of old fishermen village, of refuge for pirates as well as of British colony. While actually as Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong is having a further transformation because of strong economic and cultural pressures. This city populated by seven millions inhabitants is pervaded by a growing sense of unease, uneasiness in contrast with the optimistic euphoria of the past golden age, when Hong Kong was still one of the great capitals of Asian business.
Fårö, the island of the Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman. Ingmar Bergman first came to Fårö, Gotland's sister island, on a stormy April day in 1960 in search of a location to shoot "Through a Glass Darkly". His encounter with the island made a deep impression, and its distinctive rugged landscape later became a hallmark of many of his films. During the 1960s and the 1970s Bergman shot seven films on Fårö; lived and worked here for 40 years, and is now buried on the island. From 23 to 29 June 2014 will be held the Bergman Week. Is a celebration of the art of the great director,with films, guests, seminars and tours in the movie locations
Ph Fabrizio Villa
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