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Pack Your Bag – GUANAJA, Bay Islands, Honduras

Remote yet full of activities and pristine Diving Conditions!  Guanaja is one of the Best Kept secrets in the Caribbean and  an amazing little hideway.

Diving there offers a great deal of variety. From exploring wrecks like the Jado Trader and Don Enrique, to wall dives like the Gorgonian and Black Rock Canyon, you’ll find Guanaja diving is an amazing experience.



Is it just me or does the Bobbit Worm kind of remind you of the underground creatures from the movie Tremors, Alien or Predators?

A common myth about the Bobbit Worm is that they got their name from the fact that the female worms cuts off the penis of the male worm after mating, and then feeds it to her young.  Remember the John & Lorena Bobbit story.  Well, this is actually not true. In fact, the worms lack penises entirely. The Bobbit Worm is a predatory animal that feeds on fish, crabs and anything else that swims by them. Typically, they will bury themselves in the ocean floor only exposing their five antennae which sense any movement. Once the worms sense a tasty snack…  LEARN MORE

Candy-Striped Hermit Crab Discovered in Caribbean

A underwater photographer stumbled upon the tiny creature previously unknown to scientists. The photograher stumbled upon a new species of hermit crab with legs and pincers striped like candy canes.

Ellen Muller captured photos and video of the tiny creature at dive sites in the National Marine Park off the southern Caribbean island of Bonaire. Just a few millimetres wide, the animal is the subject of a new report in the journal ZooKeys.

FULL STORY on the accidental discovery

Ocean conservation is essential but sometimes difficult to understand. Pew joined forces with cartoonist Jim Toomey, the artist behind “Sherman’s Lagoon,” on 10 animated videos that explain the complicated concepts that guide efforts to protect our oceans.
There’s a chemical change under way in our oceans. It’s called ocean acidification. As the ocean absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, it’s becoming more acidic—eroding the shells of marine life like oysters, clams, and urchins, which are vital to the food web.

VIDEO or a Visual Glossary of Ocean Terminology – Cartoon crash course


Always remember to include your name, address, and contact phone numbers inside your luggage as well. 
Another great idea is to take a quick inventory of what items you have placed in your luggage and keep it with you. It will make listing the contents a much easier task should the airline lose your bag.


Easy Yummy Snack To Enjoy On Your Next Dive Gathering
Your Pretzels Are About to Get Spicy.

The best cocktail snacks are salty, crunchy and spicy, and this simple one-two combo delivers.

Store-bought pretzel rods are sunk into a fiery chile oil. They’re perfect alongside an ice cold beer.

5 Star Review – AZURE DIVE & YOGA RESORT – Philippines

by jetfin1 

Azure dive and Yoga resort is the quintessence of the Filipino spirit–warm as the inviting blue waters of its private beach. Nice and quite lay out with out side dinning, dive shop with camera room and large spacious dive boats. 

All the popular dive sites are 5-10 minutes boat ride. Apo island tours are also available.


Never too early to start planning to get in on these great opportunities
CRITTERS GONE WILD – Sipadan Water Village, Malaysia

Oct .13-20, 2018  This is NOT a photo contest!  It’s a great learning experience that will enhance every dive you make.

 It’s a chance to learn about Marine Behavior: how to recognize it; how to approach it; how to either capture it in your memory or on a digital chip.  Critters Gone Wild will offer seminars to help you learn about and understand the unique array of critters that you will see on your dives.  But, there’s more!!  We will also have lots of prizes because everyone knows how much fun it is to get FREE stuff!    DETAILS

Explore Wakatobi’s Waters in Expert Company
Join acclaimed marine biologist and photographer Dr. Richard Smith in August of 2018 at Wakatobi Resort, Indonesia when he returns to explore and share his extensive knowledge of the exceptional marine life found on area reefs and walls. A limited number of spaces are available to accompany Richard In addition to leading daily diving explorations throughout the trip, Richard will share his knowledge and expertise through informal talks and workshops. 

SCUBA SHOW - Long Beach, CA,  May 6 - 7, 2017
Over 76,000 sq ft of exhibit space, 300+ exhibitors, film festival, dozens of Seminars & Classes help Daily

And over $40,000 in Door Prizes to be given away, Try Diving for free!

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