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The Porcelain Anemone Crab
Some Porcelain Crabs look good enough to be made into porcelain collectables.  As the name rightly suggests, the porcelain crab is a delicate and fragile crab-like crustacean that sheds its limbs to escape predators.

The Porcelain Crab is not actually a true crab but that doesn’t make them any less interesting.  The Porcelain Crab is able to drop a claw or a leg if they feel threatened – Don’t worry, it will grow back.  Photo by Tom Gorman


Guanaja’s fringing reef is a protected marine reserve—an ideal spot for diving and snorkeling. Top dive sites include pinnacles, vertical walls, lava tunnels and wrecks.   

The easternmost of the Bay Islands, it lies  northeast of Roatan  north of the mainland of Honduras.  Dive sites ring the island, meaning finding a location to dive in the lee of the wind is nearly always possible.   MORE


For the last 15 years, Benjamin Lowy has traveled to some of the most dangerous places on earth, taking pictures of conflicts in Iraq, Libya, and Darfur. This past summer, Lowy went swimming with sharks, turtles, crocodiles, and a few moray eels to document the marine life in Jardines de la Reina, off the coast of Cuba
Getting those photos, though, “is a high learning curve,” he said. “Lights react differently underwater than on land—you’ve got only 15 feet of the light spectrum, and the flash is different, too.  PHOTO TIPS

INDONESIA - Explore Wakatobi's Waters in Expert Company

Join acclaimed marine biologist and photographer Dr. Richard Smith in August of 2018 at Wakatobi Resort when he returns to explore and share his extensive knowledge of the exceptional marine life found on area reefs and walls, and on more distant sites reached from the Pelagian liveaboard. Having spent years completing his PhD research at Wakatobi, Richard is considered an expert in the diving and marine life found in this region. 
In addition to leading daily diving explorations throughout the trip, Richard will share his knowledge and expertise through informal talks and workshops.


15 TRAVEL TIPS to get you thru TSA SECURITY
Preparing for travel may be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be.  

The savviest of travelers understand the security requirements and plan ahead.  

You are encouraged to keep the following screening tips in mind to help facilitate the screening process on your next trip to the airport.

Our World Underwater -Art Show Returns - February 24-27, Chicago

Exhibitors, Seminars & Film Festivals
After a one year hiatus, the Our World Underwater Art Show is returning to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center.

 If you know an artist reach out to them to be a part of the 2017 OWU Art Flows Like Water Art Show.  You can download the info Here

Trip Review - FUN BAJA / MV VALENTINA , Baja Calif, Mexico

By snorkyMN  
I have to say, nearly everything about my recent trip on the M/V Valentina to the Sea of Cortez was fantastic.

The food was great, the service was great, and they even were pro-active in fixing things in our room that we were just noticing might have been a problem.


In addition to great diving, the Solomon's offer a unique opportunity to witness History & culture.

75th  Anniversary - Jul 30 to Aug 8, 2017 Escorted by noted historian John Innes and tour mgr John Shively on a the day trip to Tulagi, Gavatu and Tanambogo. These tours rekindle and honor the courageous exploits of America's fighting men and women who went off to war 75 years ago.  TOUR DETAILS

More info on Solomon Islands

It is the latest in a series of informative dive guides by Steve Rosenberg. It provides detailed descriptions of 46 of the most popular dive sites and dozens of land tours throughout the archipelago, available from iBooks (iTunes), Kindle (Amazon) and Google Play.

It is the definitive guide to diving and visiting the Galapagos.  Includes detailed information on the most popular dive sites, tours, marine life, above-water activities, travel, accommodations, shopping, sight-seeing, history and much more.

Why You Should Download an eBook Scuba Diving Guide

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