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Jellyfish - Did you know?  
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… some jellyfish are bigger than a human and others are as small as a pinhead?
… that jellyfish have been on Earth for millions of years, even before dinosaurs?
… jellyfish have no brain but some kinds have eyes?
What is a jellyfish? The word jellyfish is a common term used to describe animals that are gelatinous or made up of ‘jelly-like’ material.  There are many different types of jellyfish, including .....
Photo credit: Nadia Aly      MORE FACTS
WAKATOBI DIVE RESORT – At Home on the House Reef
Steve Miller shares his love of the underwater treasures that lie within a stone's throw of the Indonesian resort’s shore. 

The house reef is a diver’s nirvana. Drop off like none other. As a photographer, I especially like the freedom that diving the House Reef allows.

" It's like having your own underwater photo studio...which also happens to be one of the finest dive sites in the world. "
GALAPAGOS one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World
The Galapagos waters will make you wish that you could somehow shout out through your regulator to your diving partners all the wonders you see.  Ecuador is an ocean lover’s paradise, packed with tons of beautiful beaches, thick mangroves, lowland rainforests and the spectacular flora and fauna of Galápagos Islands.  But, literally, that just scratches the surface. Beneath the waves, hidden from ordinary sight, is a world that is truly extraordinary. Ecuador’s Pacific ocean teems with a marine bounty few other countries possess, and if you are a scuba diver you will be astonished at the sheer spectacle that awaits you.
Fish Are Smarter Than You Think    Source Katherine 

Science has shown fish to be capable of collaboration, recognition, astonishing feats of memorization, and craving physical touch.Fish are usually not considered to be the most intelligent animals. They have long been viewed as simple creatures that spend their lives swimming around a vast shadowy world about which we understand relatively little. Scientists, however, are beginning to understand more about these creatures, particularly that they are far more remarkable than previously thought. In fact…  FULL STORY

Sunken American WWII torpedo bomber discovered in Pacific
In July of 1944, an American warplane, a TBM-1C Avenger torpedo bomber, went down in the Pacific. 

Now, 72 years later, the Navy plane has been identified near Palau, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego has announced.   Eric Terrill, an oceanographer at Scripps, explained that the remains of the aircraft are resting under 85 feet of water within a lagoon     FULL STORY
Consider Dive Accident Insurance

A good Dive Accident Insurance Policy may be your best piece of safety equipment. Diving is considered a safe activity, however, in the unfortunate event of a diving accident. The cost of a dive accident can exceed $100,000.  Having a policy will  give you peace of mind so you can focus on one thing: enjoying your favorite watersport.
Even if you already have primary medical coverage, Your primary medical insurance may exclude scuba diving…. MORE
Photo credit: Stuart Westmoreland

Atlantis Azores - Bohol Charters  Guaranteed Departures  Or You Stay FREE!!!
On select dates Aug thru Dec 2016 - These trips aboard the luxurious Atlantis Azores begin directly off our resort in Dumaguete and guide you throughout the beautiful Visaya region of the Philippines. You'll enjoy six fabulous days exploring one of the most beautiful and bio-diverse regions in Asia.  Easy cruises each evening will take you from one great dive site to another.   DETAILS
New General Manager at Manta Ray Bay Resort
The premiere dedicated dive resort on the island of Yap in Micronesia, designed by divers and built for divers is excited to Introduce Ruud van Baal, the new General Manager at Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers. Bill isn't going anywhere, matter of fact, you might be seeing a lot more of him diving and socializing with guests while letting go of the day-to-day operations and handing things over to Ruud. 
9th Annual Manta Fest Photo Festival    Nov 30 - Dec 4, 2016

Come learn from the top underwater shooters in the world, experience great diving and have lots of fun!  Two weeks of photo workshops, special dives, evening media presentations and one-on-one training by top professionals during a unique photography festival, photo contest and dive party

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