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It's May and we’re well into the footy season! Upcoming Staff Forums on 15th and 16th May will be brimming with information about the commencement of ‘Supportability’ and ‘Grafton’  in the next few months, we’re hoping as many staff as possible can come along and hear about what we are embarking on. Exciting times ahead...
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Kath Ferry

Joe, Leo and Todd enjoying the winter sun at Anderson House.
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Flying High with Frankston House

Dhana Nithyakumar
Frankston House Manager

Frankston House had a great flying adventure.

Residents Peter, Amy, Luke, Stephanie and Danielle all went out to Tooradin Airfield with Chirag, Dhana and Niki. Only Luke, Stephanie and Danielle boarded the joy plane ride, Amy and Peter were happy to stay back and watch but still enjoyed the new experience of the airport and plane.

It has been Luke’s life time dream to fly, he loves planes, it was one of his PCP (Person Centered Plan) goals to travel in a plane and he points his finger at the sky every time he hears the sound of a plane with a big smile on his face (that’s how much he loves planes). For the rest of the clients it’s the feeling of travelling in a plane, having never been in one, it was a great life time experience.

Aus Air Services pilot, Gordon Brown, allowed Luke to steer the plane. Gordon was excellent with him showing him how to do it, explaining what he should do etc. 

So Luke actually had the experience of being the co-pilot! Luke was so good in listening to the pilot and following all the instructions given by the pilot he enjoyed every single bit of the experience. Stephanie was very excited, she would not stop laughing and giggling. Danielle also loved every single bit of that experience, pointing outside the window, showing the staff the ocean and land.

The view from the plane was amazing, quite breath taking. Nobody could hear a thing while in the plane and the take off and landing were nothing more than a little bump.

The excursion was organised by all the team at Frankston House: Chirag organised with the pilot; Dhana organised approval from all parents and Teena at Head office; Niki helped get all clients organised for the day. While Chirag & Niki boarded the plane with the clients who were keen to get into the sky, Dhana stayed back with clients that were not. 

All clients had an excellent time and would definitely do it again.

The intrepid flyers.

Luke was loving it!

Stephanie loved it too.

Danielle thought the view was amazing.
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Kath's running, and making
her kids run too! 

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Anderson House cooked up a plan

Damian Cox
Anderson House Manager

There are so many positive changes at Anderson House we can hardly keep up!

This month we were successful in gaining a few days to run a Sausage Sizzle fundraiser at Bunnings Warehouse in Warrigal Road Mentone. The turnout was fantastic, better than we could imagine.

Our aim was to raise enough funds to purchase some laminate flooring and additional paint for finishing of our renovating at Anderson House. With so much support, it was a breeze.  A cold and wet one at that!

I can’t thank Greg Wyatt and Barbara Jeffery enough, for their time, support and financial support they have given throughout the process. I couldn’t have done it without you.  

I would also like to thank : Coles Southland; Woolworths at Thrift Park, Mordialloc, Southland and Moorabbin; Main Street Cafe Mordialloc for their donations of supplies and money towards the Sausage Sizzle.


BBQ Stand at Bunnings

Damian Cox and Greg Wyatt all ready to go!

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Clare and Ally were queens of the disco selfie at
Beachlynns Happy Easter Disco BBQ!

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Don't forget...

15 May : Accommodation Services Forum (Staff)
16 May : Day Services Forum (Staff)

14 - 15 July : NDS Vic State Conference

6 - 8 August : Victorian Autism Conference
14 August : SASI Art Competition 

Pick up your card from SASI Head Office or email
and we'll post it out to you!

Thank you Transfield Worley Power Services (Team Leader Joe Pirotta)
Who donated $270 for an outdoor setting at Morwell Gordon Brown
Who took Frankston House flying! You can read more about Aus Air Services at Coles Southland
Woolworths at Thrift Park, Mordialloc, Southland and Moorabbin

Main Street Cafe Mordialloc 
For their help with the Aspendale House Sausage Sizzle.

Richard from Highett House, enjoying his holiday on Phillip Island.
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Jarrod had fanstatic fun at the Enchanted Maze with Swonnell House.
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