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All the elements come to SASI!

First there was fire, water, then fire again!… SASI’s ability to provide support to our community has been under duress dealing with the elements, both natural and man-made in the past few weeks. 

SASI staff have continued to exude calm, providing support for our community and have continued with their roles in a professional and timely manner. For this I thank everyone involved with the recent issues surrounding our battle with the elements!

Cheers and read on for further details.

Kath Ferry 
Chief Executive Officer

Saverine and Sharon from Morwell, sailing in December

Fires at Morwell

Derek Fagan
Individualised Services Manager

This past week has seen the Morwell Day Service threatened by fire. At one stage, while the fires took to the briquette factory next door they reached our fence line.

The Department of Human Services (DHS) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had advised that due to the air quality, the day service should remain closed for the remainder of the week. This decision will be reassessed, but until the authorities allow us to begin operating, the service will remain closed. Parents and carers will be informed by phone when the service will re-open.

Our thoughts are with everybody fire affected and the safety and security of clients and staff is paramount.

Photo by Lorna Richardson, Day Services Manager, taken from her car

Water at Swonnell House

Teena Ferguson
Accommodation Services Manager

The week before last Swonnell House was closed for a night.

While having their air-conditioning inspected for maintenance/repair, the tradesman in the roof space stepped on the piping for the sprinkler system. Water inundated the space, soaking the insulation, wetting the plaster, dripping through light fittings and wetting the carpets.

A major problem… Staff acted quickly re-housing and contacting parents to organise alternative arrangements for the night.

The direct action from one of our board directors, Llew Oelofson, was amazing! Llew took control of organising the repairs and without him Swonnell House would have been out of action for much longer.

Under his guidance, necessary tradesmen were arranged to dry, fix and ensure a safe environment. As a result, the building was only out of action for a day.

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Thank you

Lorna Richardson and the staff at Morwell..
Our staff are amazing and when under pressure they surpass themselves, coping with imminent fires Lorna and her staff have kept it all together and shown us how it's done.

Llew Oelofson...
For organising the repairs at Swonnell House.

Sarah James and the staff at Beachlynn...
For doing such a great job in Beachlynn when they lost power and evacuated the building while a fire was in the neighbourhood on a day of extreme heat.

To Extreme Networks and Mr Whippy...
For providing free ice cream to everybody at Beachlynn Day Service on Tuesday. Yum!

Work opportunity

SASI has two positions available at head office. One is temporary and the second is a fixed-term part-time appointment. Please see for more details.

Jessica out for a swim with Morwell Day Service

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Luke and Steph from Frankston House at the St Kilda Festival
(see more photos on


Currently there are few details coming from the launch sites and SASI is not in a position to answer many questions you may have.

We recommend families and carers inform themselves as much as possible by reading and going to presentations and forums organised by the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

You can access their website at you can see and download their publications, find out where any upcoming presentations are being held or participate in a webinar.

 Darryl, Krystal,James and Jeremy swimming at Morwell

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