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The Homeskoolery Newsletter - May 2021 Edition

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Every issue will have coming events for the website and somewhere in the newsletter, there will be a task for you to complete with the chance to win a prize. For this month, the prize is a $100 Visa Gift Card. We are happy to announce the addition of the "True Homeschool Stories" section to our website. You can submit your personal homeschool stories and we will pay you if we decide to
publish them (see details below). To qualify for the contest, you have to comment
on our Facebook newsletter announcement, "You wouldn't believe my story!" The winner will be selected from those who qualify by random drawing and their name will be posted on our Facebook page.

Good Luck! 

(Employees of The Homeskoolery LLC are not eligible.)
(Providing curriculum reviews for us does not disqualify you from participating.) 


This Months Featured Article

One Of Our Motivational Monday Posts From Facebook

I am sitting in my car waiting on my kids and their friends to come out of Prom. They are meeting a bunch of friends at the IHOP for a late-night meal where I am sure they will relive every moment. This is a Homeschool Prom. I see girls in full make up and girls without. I see kids with funny hats and kids in silver suits; girls in high heels and girls in bare feet; boys with no ties and boys with bow ties. There were good dancers and not so good. The only thing that applies to all of them is they are all laughing and having a good time.

The people around us including family, friends, and even strangers are often negative about homeschooling. Their biggest argument is that our children will miss out. As a mom I sometimes have worried that they will miss out too, but as I sit here watching all the beautiful girls in their sparkling gowns and the handsome boys leaving the prom, I came to the realization that
they did miss out.

They missed out on peer pressure and cliques, on being bullied, and having to ask permission to go pee. They missed out on being told what to think or feel and being afraid to be different.
Yes, they missed out on some things and I am glad that they did!

Homeschool days are not perfect, many days end in frustration with a messy house and seemingly very little schoolwork getting done. But it’s moments like these that clarify things for me. These kids are individuals, who are not afraid to stand out. They are not afraid to wear a cap to prom, or a silver suit or a bow tie. They haven’t been taught that there is something wrong with who they are or who they choose to be. They have lived the life of a homeschooler encouraged to pursue their individuality and their passions. These will be the leaders of tomorrow, the scientists, the inventors, and the hope for our future. This is what public school is supposed to produce in our children but fails so miserably to accomplish. We have raised critical thinkers and confident adults.
So yes, they did miss out, but from now on whenever I am “warned” about it by some well-meaning person, I will simply smile and say,
“They sure did, and I can’t tell you how thankful I am for that!”
Introducing Our New Column for the Homeskoolery Newsletter

Homesteading Naturally
By Amy Hedderly
Helping you find ways to improve your families' health and overall quality of life.
The most important lessons we teach our children won’t be found in textbooks.  One of the greatest blessings of homeschooling is the freedom to teach our
children about real life, not just academics.  
    Several years ago, Jamie Oliver came from England to start the Food Revolution, to teach American children where their food comes from.  A classroom full of 1st graders didn’t know what a tomato was when presented with it!  They had no idea potatoes are used to make french fries, or that tomatoes are used to make the ketchup they dip them in.  The highly processed, disposable world we live in is creating a generation of children who don’t understand the basics of life. We can spend all day teaching reading, writing, and mathematics, but what happens when our kids grow up and have no idea where their food comes from, let alone how to grow it and use it?  We live in a time where we may
not be able to rely on the grocery store to magically provide
all our food, bottled water, and daily supplies.  

Our children need to know their food doesn’t just come from a store, a box, or a package in the freezer.  
    In addition to that, most people are afraid to eat things growing in their own yard for fear it could be poisonous. They don’t realize most of it can be used as food and medicine.  The concept of the supermarket is relatively short. The concept originated in 1916, and by 1960 they were supplying 70% of the nation’s groceries! Out of convenience, we as a people are losing basic skills that sustain life: how to grow our own food, access clean water, build shelter, cook from whole foods, and most importantly how to
steward the Earth God has given us. 

In Genesis, God commanded us to “have dominion over all the earth”, but how can we care for an earth we know nothing about?  

    In the 1890s, the pharmaceutical companies began taking over western medicine, and today we are completely dependent on it. What would happen if we didn’t have access to medications at a drug store?  Would we know how to use the plants God created to sustain our health? If your answer is ‘no’, you’re not alone. Most people don’t know, because we weren’t taught these things in school when we were growing up. Now that we’re adults, we can change that! We can learn, and teach our children to preserve this knowledge. Homesteading Naturally is a great place to start. We will present information to get you thinking, guide at the beginner level to get you started, and dig a little deeper into the most common homesteading and natural medicine topics. If you know someone in their 80s or 90s, ask them to share what life was like when they were young. Where did they get their food? What kind of natural medicine did they use? You can also read books written on these topics before 1940.

Adding nature study to your homeschool is an easy way to get your family involved.  Just take it one day at a time, and teach your children as you learn.  

New Content and Teachers Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce our new Computer Programming course!

New piano class
coming in May!
Computer Programming Instructor
Eric Meehan
Beginning Piano
Beth Purdue
Eric Meehan is a software engineer and musician with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Electronic Media from High Point University and a Master’s degree in Music Theory from East Carolina University.  While attending graduate school, Eric enrolled in a computer science program at a local community college and taught several courses to undergraduate students.  Today, he utilizes the skills he developed through his Communications degree and his experience as a teacher to create online computer science lessons for 
My name is Beth Perdue. I am a wife, mom, teacher, professional singer, and entrepreneur. I work at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in the education department and I often sing the national anthem for rocket launches. I have two degrees in music, a certificate in children’s literature and a masters in history. I love History because it reminds us of how far we have come and helps to guide us into the future. My husband is the pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Florida and I serve alongside him there. I look forward to our time together.
New Addition to the Website


We are now accepting stories from homeschool families about their experiences, both good and bad as they have lived the homeschool life.
Articles selected for publication will be paid $25. At least one article will be featured or published by Homeskoolery on social media or other platforms. Featured articles will be paid $50. We want your real life homeschool stories whether its about dealing with a special needs child, difficulties finding support or just your overall homeschool experience and what it has meant to your family. Articles should be between 500 and 1000 words and should be submitted to

New Content This Month
We are adding the following classes:
Computer Programming - Piano - Beginning 
$79 for a year membership is an incredible value today that continues to
get better as we add more teachers and content!

Holidays in May
May 1st - May Day
May 2nd - National Brothers and Sisters Day
May 5th - Cinco de Mayo
May 6th - National Day of Prayer
May 9th - Mother's Day
May 10th - National Clean Your Room Day
May 13th - National Apple Pie Day
May 15th - International Day of Families
May 18th - National No Dirty Dishes Day

May 19th - National Devil's Food Cake Day
May 21st - National Endangered Species Day
May 24th- National Scavenger Hunt Day
May 26th - National Paper Airplane Day
May 29th - National Learn About Composting Day
May 31st - Memorial Day
Mark some of these on your calendar. Use them to educate
and to add fun to your family's homeschool schedule.

This is the
super secret announcement we were telling you about. We will be launching a live online co-op in September. This is still in the early planning stages but at this time, we hope to run a 3 hour co-op for 8 weeks. That's 24 hours of instruction/activities and the cost per student would be about $100. Classes are being planned for all ages and include American History - What Really Happened, Creative Writing, Debate, Mock Trial, Art, Public Speaking, Personal Finance and more. Many of these classes will be taught by certified/accredited teachers. For example, our Mock Trial teacher is a practicing attorney and our History teacher majored in history and has a Masters degree. Those of you familiar with co-ops will recognize what an incredible value this is as any one of these classes is worth more than the $100 fee. For members of and readers of our newsletter, there will be a sign up sheet posted next week for participation in the co-op. It will be in the "Classes" dropdown  for "All Ages". You will simply click on it and enter your information. No payment is required to sign up. Take advantage of this opportunity to secure your child's spot as this information will only be shared here, in the newsletter, for the month of May. We will make this public in June along with announcing the co-op on Social Media. If you have any questions about how to get on the co-op reserved list, please don't post it on Facebook, contact us at

Don't let the cat out of the bag!

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