Hey partner!

We’ve been in the States for a couple months now and are settling in. We're starting to see what life and ministry can be like as we work for Wycliffe remotely from Dallas.

A hug for you

In the midst of all this change, many of you have given us virtual hugs through prayers, notes, and calls, and we feel so loved. Your partnership keeps us going, working to serve the language communities that God loves so much. Here's a hug back to you.

Above: With Alex's parents at our namesake restaurant in Nairobi.

Remote Possibilities

Time with family has been a big benefit of being back in the States. We’re staying with Alex’s parents, and their support has been a big blessing. Megan’s parents got to visit us here, too.

Surprisingly Good

Alex had waited for so long to move abroad that he wasn't eager to move back to the States, and many missionaries find it stressful to move back to their passport countries. Surprisingly, we're enjoying it.

Megan is continuing with a treatment plan, which includes trying medications over a period of weeks to see what will work for her. It’s not easy, and takes a lot of time, but she’s committed to combining effective medication with a holistic approach to getting better.

Working Remotely

Megan continues to work part time for our team in Kenya, and she’s enjoying the ways that she gets to contribute. Alex’s job with Wycliffe is going full-steam ahead, and being in Dallas puts him close to the team that makes our software.

Both eyes and ears

Many people across the globe prefer to listen than to read, so we're working to make the Bible available in audio formats as well as print. Because both forms are important, Alex is working on a new application that will help translators make both audio and print products (above). When it's finished, it will support many of the 2,639 Bible translation projects all over the world.

A sprint before a marathon

To jumpstart development of this new software, Alex ran a fast-paced workshop called a design sprint (above) with others who will use the software or be involved in building it. Through this intense, creative process, they made and tested a simple prototype. Long term, the team will perform tests of the software, adapting and creating new versions over a period of time to ensure that it works for the people who use it. Alex is a people person, and he loves it when work is more person-to-person than person-to-machine.

Remotely together

Another project is to improve how we share information across the organization with a website called an intranet. Workers in the field can sometimes feel isolated in their positions, and an intranet helps people find resources to help with issues in their work and personal lives. Alex is incorporating feedback from interviewing colleagues in Thailand, Ethiopia, Uganda, Cameroon, USA, Germany, and more.


Alex Mercado
Language Technology

Megan Mercado
Literacy and Education

Megan and Alex are donation-funded missionaries who promote and resource minority languages across Africa and worldwide. They work for SIL International and Wycliffe Bible Translators from Dallas, Texas.


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