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How to write a Kekchi story

Recently, some members of our local church, Solid Rock, flew to Guatemala to do evangelism and work with children. That gave us an idea: they could use Wycliffe resources to print illustrated Bible stories to take with them on their trip. 

Alex's coworkers make Bloom Library: software for making simple children's books, a collection of pre-made template books, and features for translating them into new languages.

A church team member said they’d be working with a language community that sounded like “Kekchi.” Most languages have multiple alternate spellings, so Megan browsed for Guatemalan languages and found it listed as Q’eqchi. With that name, she looked up their digital Bible on (spelled Kekchi) and (spelled Q'eqchi).

She walked the team through a process for making the books:

  1. Pick a book about a Bible story from Bloom.
  2. Find the matching verses in Q'eqchi or Spanish on
  3. Copy, paste, and print!

The team ran took a beautiful set of bilingual Bible stories to Guatemala with them, and the kids loved it!

This project is an example of how Bible translation, literacy, software, and churches can come together to spread the Word of God. Interested in creating multilingual children’s materials for a mission trip or church program? Send us a line.


Pray for our upcoming move away from Maryland, to end strong and make loving goodbyes. We also need to sell a car and decide what we're taking with us.


Praise that the doctor diagnosed Alex's stomach problems as acid reflux so Alex could start treatment. Praise for growing partnerships that get us closer to starting work in Kenya! 

How to Partner

In addition to practical partnerships like the above project, our ministry has a significant need for financial partnership. We have pledges for 95% of our monthly Wycliffe ministry budget, and there's room for more. If you’d also like to minister to language communities in Kenya and around the world, you can join by praying, giving, volunteering, or advocating.

Give by phone at 1-800-WYCLIFFE.
Give by check.  Make checks out to "Wycliffe Bible Translators", and enclose a separate note stating, “Preference for the Wycliffe ministry of Alex & Megan Mercado 270043” (or "71-270043" for one-time gifts). Mail the check and note to:
Wycliffe Bible Translators
PO Box 628200
Orlando, FL 32862-8200
All donations are tax deductible. You can also give more creatively.
16 November 2016

Alex MercadoLanguage Technology
Megan MercadoLiteracy and Education

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