On the go again.

After a rough year in Kenya and finally getting settled, we need a change of scenery. We’re moving to Dallas for a year of medical care in April.

What we’ve been up to:

Traditionally, Wycliffe language projects were done by individual missionaries toiling faithfully for decades in a single community. As the world has changed and we've sought to reach more languages faster, our methods have changed, too.

Materials for 20 languages in 6 countries

In the last year, our team of 16 people has done literacy work in 6 countries and with more than 20 languages. That doesn't even count translators from all over Africa that Alex trained to use language software. We're excited to see what we all can do in the next year.

Just Got Settled

It took us six months and five moves to find a long-term home. We've even gotten a dog, Pickles. He's the cutest! We're just watching him for a year while his family is traveling.

Last month, we finally got a dining table, and now that the space is set up, we've had three friends move in with us. Alex's parents came to visit, too. Sadly, our situation here won't last long.

Photo: Megan and Alex at the International Linguistics Center in Dallas, Texas.

Touch and go: We leave Kenya in April

Last June, Megan was diagnosed with a hard-to-treat kind of depression, and despite good care at a local clinic, she hasn't improved. Starting mid-April, we’ll live in Dallas, Texas, where we’ll have wider access to medications, an extensive support network, and the SIL headquarters.

We'll both continue working for our current team, with Megan in research, a crucial step at the beginning of our projects. For Alex, Dallas presents an exciting chance to work closely with software developers and to improve our internal systems.

Getting healthy now is vital to thriving in long-term ministry.



Alex Mercado

Language Technology

Megan Mercado

Literacy and Education

Megan and Alex are donation-funded missionaries who promote and resource minority languages across Africa. They live in Nairobi, Kenya.



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