In a traumatic end to a trying year,

We've been robbed.

A few weeks ago, armed robbers came to our apartment complex and stole from us and our neighbor. We lost the equipment that we normally use to work and the data contained on them, a big loss.  Nonetheless, we are thankful that we were not home, and for our health and safety. With the help of our neighbour who was also a victim, we're pursuing justice through appropriate channels. Although we have video from security cameras, and the police have been accommodating and attentive, their capabilities are limited. We have little hope that our items will be recovered. 

We appreciate your prayers during this difficult time. We prefer not to talk too much about the robbery, as it's emotionally draining to discuss it.

If you want to help

If you want to help with the costs of replacing the stolen equipment, you can donate to Wycliffe through our page on their websiteAlex's job uses a lot of equipment, and we lost $15,000 worth of computers, hard drives, microphones, cameras, and more.

Donate to Help

Back in Dallas

Both the robbery and the ensuing labours have been exhausting. We were already planning to leave Kenya on April 18th, but, since we no longer have our tools, we decided to expedite our departure and leave on April 4th. We're back in Dallas, staying with Alex's parents and beginning to connect with colleagues and friends nearby.

Please pray.

This is one of the more upsetting things that's ever happened to me, Alex. It's helped me to see how much value I put in stuff that I own and that I've made, like my computers and the tens of thousands of photos I've lost. As you pray, ask God:

  • for justice
  • to use our suffering for his glory
  • to help us cope with our trauma
  • to provide anew the tools we need to do our work

Last of all, thank God for our safety, our housemates', and our dog Pickles'. The burglars were armed and dangerous, but no one was harmed.


Alex Mercado
Language Technology

Megan Mercado
Literacy and Education

Megan and Alex are donation-funded missionaries who promote and resource minority languages across Africa.


Feel free to distribute this newsletter to your friends. Turkana photo courtesy of UKAID. Used under CC-BY 2.0 license.