Dresden, Germany, February 14th 2015
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Dear clients and readers, dear friends,

Portrait Photo of Martin RöllWelcome back to our newsletter! It seems that we are moving into a slower pace with this now, about once a quarter. Do let us know if you'd like to be in closer touch! (We share links about purposeful collaboration almost daily at

Business status

The last months have been good to us: we concluded three client projects, two of which are moving into continuation now. Two new clients joined us, which will keep us busy until well into the spring.
We ran three partner meetings, one in Dresden in November, one in Utrecht in January and one in Frankfurt am Main this week, to get new team members on board and develop our product and service offering. 

The team growing: Martin, Rob, Angela and Delphine

Our team has been growing: Rob van den Brand has stepped up into Product Development and Marketing, besides continuing his work as our Personal Productivity expert. Angela Müller is assisting me in sales and consulting delivery. Delphine Ménard will be developing our event, training and seminar offers.
We will be slow in growing the team further, but do talk to us if working with us seems like an attractive proposition for you!

"Purposeful organisations in which people love to work." 

It is becoming clearer to us where our work has its best impact and what we care about the most. It expresses in our new company purpose: "Purposeful organisations in which people love to work." 
With this, we emphasize organisations, and de-emphasize other forms of collaboration, such as conferences. We would like to work with founders and leaders of organisations, to make work meaningful, pleasant and effective.

Who we work with and what we offer

We currently work with 
  • leaders of established, fast growing businesses (ranging from 20 to 70 people) 
  • founders of startups, with small and growing, often decentral, teams (of 5 people or more)
  • single founders wanting to move from person-centric projects/business towards a purpose-driven organisation
Our service offers include Organisational Development, Strategy and Planning Workshops, Leadership Coaching, Meeting Facilitation and support for Personal Productivity. Upcoming is a new offer for Software Support (collaborative software for decentralised teams), that is building on our own software infrastructure (Glassfrog / Trello / Slack). 

Please get in touch if we can help you or your colleagues get purposeful work done! 
Deutsche Zusammenfassung

Willkommen im neuen Jahr!

  • Uns geht es gut: die Geschäfte laufen prächtig und wir haben einige neue Teammitglieder an Bord: Angela Müller unterstützt mich als zweite Beraterin und Assistentin im Verkauf, Delphine Ménard entwickelt unser Seminar- und Trainingsangebot weiter. Rob van den Brand, der als unser Produktivitätsexperte schon seit letzten Sommer mit dabei ist, übernimmt Marketing und Produktentwicklung.
  • Wir haben unseren Unternehmenszweck neu gefasst: "Purposeful Organisations in which people love to work", etwa: "Sinnvolle / sinnerfüllte Organisationen, in denen Menschen gerne arbeiten." Sinnvolle, gemeinsame Arbeit ist uns wichtig. Und eine Struktur, die dem ganzen Nachhaltigkeit gibt. 
  • Unsere Kunden sind im Moment Führungskräfte von wachsenden Organisationen mit 20-70 Mitarbeitern, Gründer von Startups und einzelne Selbstständige, die Organisationen gründen möchten. Etwa ab Mai werden wir voraussichtlich wieder freie Kapazität für neue Arbeit haben. Wir freuen uns über Empfehlungen!
-- Martin Röll

Inspirations for Effective Work & Organisation Building from our Blog

Many more links, quotes, pictures and articles around effective, purposeful collaborative work can be found on our link collection on Tumblr!

Upcoming Events with our participation:

How are you doing? Do get in touch - we enjoy hearing from you!

Best Regards,

Martin Röll, and the Structure & Process team
The entrance to Albrechtsburg in Meißen, Germany, with a view onto the Dome. (Picture by Martin Röll, February 2nd 2015)

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