Dresden, Germany & Tampere, Finland, March 31st 2014
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welcome to our latest newsletter! Welcome all new subscribers!

We have been honored to work with six new clients in February and March. Besides facilitating meetings and providing unconference event design services we also developed a new strategy planning workshop:

New offer: Strategy Planning and Organisational Development Workshop

The strategy planning workshop evolved when a client noted that "the most meaningful conversation I could have now is about how to organise my team".

In this workshop, a team gets an overview of all current and possible future projects. The team can then find out the leverage points and decide what to act on now and what later. The workshop allows to distribute tasks across team members, increasing the capacity of the team.

We offer this workshop starting at 3500 EUR. Please let us know if this is interesting for you or a team you know!

New website & blog

Our new website is online! We are happy to now have a place of our own on the web. Please let us know how the page can be improved for you! Our weblog also got started - it is becoming a place to share and explore thoughts and insights on collaboration. We are also maintaining  a collection of interesting links on Tumblr and are posting regular updates on Twitter and Facebook. Good to be in touch.


Both Tanja and Martin are now Licensed Holacracy Agents, permitting us to deliver Introductory Workshops to Holacracy(R), a system for organisational governance.
We have scheduled public events in Helsinki on April 24th (in English) and in Hamburg on May 23rd (in German). Early Bird tickets are available for both.

If you are not yet familiar with Holacracy, please check out HolacracyOne's website and our Holacracy Link Collection!

Public governance records

One aspect of Holacracy is creating great transparency about the organisation's structure and its ongoing activities: One always knows who is accountable for what and who is currently working on what.

For you to see this in practise, we have open-sourced our governance records: you can get an overview of our structure and click into the image to zoom in to see how Tanja and I share our roles and accountabilities. You can also see our current projects with their status.

It is not a prerequisite of Holacracy to have this information out in public: We choose to share this with you to inspire and and be inspired. Please let us know what you think!

Enlarging our Partnership

We would like to grow our partnership and are looking for people to join us. Ideally, you would be experienced in consulting, facilitation and in product development. You would know how to market services and how to scale a consulting business. You would be Finnish-, English- and German-speaking with a few more languages on top and have a huge network of European and North American business contacts.

If you are not all of that (yet), but would still like to work for better collaboration and meaningful conversations, do get in touch. And if you are tempted, but aren't sure if this really is for you, we have a guest partnership available, which gives you an inside view into what we work on and how we do it. If we haven't met yet, do introduce yourself!

Times and Places

Tanja is based in Tampere and regularly traveling to Helsinki. Martin is based in Dresden and will be in Prague and in Freiburg im Breisgau in the coming days (Prague April 3-6, Freiburg April 8-13). We will both be in Finland (Helsinki and Tampere) from April 23rd on. (Our public introductory workshop on Holacracy runs on April 24th in Helsinki.)

We are always happy to hear from you.

Best Regards,

Martin Röll, Tanja Korvenmaa
Martin Röll and Tanja Korvenmaa after delivering a client workshop in Helsinki, March 13th 2014

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