Oldenburg, Germany, January 13th 2016
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Dear clients, dear friends, dear readers,

Happy New Year! We are back after a couple of days of break and happy to share our updates with you! In this newsletter, you can read about:
  • the launch of the Structure & Process Labs
  • our past and ongoing work as organisational developers
  • our new information service "Links of the Week"
as well as some company news: look into how we run our monthly in-person partner meetings, meet our new team members and learn about upcoming events where you might meet us. 
(Eine deutsche Zusammenfassung gibt es ganz unten.)

What are your plans or resolutions for this year? Any interesting projects or events coming up that you'd like to share with us? Do get in touch!

Best Regards,

Martin Röll, Annette Mehlhoop, and the Structure & Process team

Launch of the Structure & Process Labs

After some private experimentation and beta-testing, we are now ready to invite you to the Structure & Process Labs: our virtual coworking space for experiments in collaboration. 

If you have a project that you would like to work on with other people, the labs can be your place to develop it together online:

  • We provide an environment (based on Slack) where you can work together with collaborators online, using chat and document-sharing.
  • You will become part of the lab community (currently 12 people): You can ask for feedback on your project, find support, and, if you wish, recruit further collaborators. 
  • The team of Structure & Process is present in the space and can help you with advice, connections and mentoring.

Currently, membership of the Labs is free. Joining is easy: Email Rob with some lines of what you'd like to explore, and he will invite you to the space! 

More details about the Labs are available on our website.

Consulting, Hosting, Facilitating, online and offline

Some of the work we have been doing lately:
  • Designing and hosting an online workshop for one of our clients: Martin and Annette held a space for Christian Kreutz, CEO of WeThinq and a group of 15 collaborators, working together in an online environment over 6 weeks to gain insight into online workshops and requirements for tools that support them. (If that topic interests you further, consider joining our Facebook group "The Art of Hosting Conversations Online".) 
  • Encouraging experiments in self-organisation in organisations. Martin shared our experiences with using Holacracy in Structure & Process with audiences in Darmstadt, Hannover and Braunschweig. The audiences consisted of business managers, entrepreneurs, consultants and university students. Martin especially encouraged founders of new projects to try out systems based on self-organisation, such as Holacracy.
  • Consulting a large organisation in the automotive sector in setting up a development program based on the principles of self-organisation: How can an established organisation move from top-down planning and management towards more flexible, agile, bottom-up processes? The work here in ongoing and includes organisational development, event design and facilitation. Martin, Lara and Anika (our new team member, see below) collaborate as a consulting team.

Inspiration - now as a weekly service to you 

We found that the links we share on Tumblr weren't getting enough attention. To make them more accessible and more valuable for you, we now curate, comment and promote them on our blog weekly: Check out our "Links of Week" coming to you every Monday!

Many more links, quotes, pictures and articles on effective, purposeful collaboration can be found on our link collection on Tumblr!

S&P internal / "working out loud": 

In our last partner meeting in Dresden in October, we kicked off the Structure & Process Labs, set up new consulting projects and got the team together for a consulting session at Gute Stube, one of our local Dresden clients. See some pictures below, and read here, how we organise our partner meetings in general.

As we develop our understanding of our work, our company structure adapts. This article on our blog (in German) explains how our organisation has changed over the years, using Holacracy.
Consulting Work at Gute Stube
Working on the Labs
More Work on the Labs
Fedexing the Labs

New Faces on the Structure & Process Team 

Since our last newsletter in September, our team has grown again: Lynoure Braakman is now running our IT systems and is developing an IT consulting offer for the company. Lynoure hails from Finland and is based in Bremen, Germany. 

Anika Bohne has joined our consulting team, taking over the Consulting Assistant role from Angela, who is concentrating on other work. Anika is based in Dresden.

Meet the entire team on About Us and learn more about how we function as a company on Join UsWe are looking to include more people on our team, especially around our events business. 

Upcoming Events, where you can meet us:

Deutsche Zusammenfassung:
Launch der Structure & Process "Labs"
Wir laden zur Zusammenarbeit in den Structure & Process Labs ein, unserem virtuellen Co-Working Space für Experimente in Zusammenarbeit
  • In unserer Online-Umgebung (auf Basis von Slack) kannst Du mit Deinem Team kommunizieren und Dokumente austauschen.
  • Die Labs-Community (aktuell 12 Personen) gibt Dir Feedback zu Deinem Projekt.
  • Das Team von Structure & Process ist mit vor Ort und unterstützt Dich mit Rat und Tat. 
Mehr Informationen zu den Labs gibt es auf unserer Website (in englisch). 

Wie wir uns organisieren
Was heißt es eigentlich, unter Holacracy zu arbeiten? In den letzten Monaten hat sich unser kleines Unternehmen mehrfach umstrukturiert. Wieso, weshalb, warum erklärt dieser Artikel auf unserem Blog (auf deutsch): Everything Changes… Holacracy im Arbeitsalltag: ein Praxisbericht
Neue Gesichter, neue Rollen
Unser Team ist weiter gewachsen: Lynoure Braakman unterstützt uns im Bereich IT und Software. Anika Bohne füllt die Rolle des Consulting Assistant neu aus, während Angela sich auf Coaching konzentriert. 
Laufende Beratungsarbeit 
Aktuell begleiten wir ein großes Unternehmen aus der Automobilbranche dabei, sich von zentraler, direktiver Planung auf agilere, dynamischere Steuerungsprozesse einzulassen. Wir nutzen Inspirationen aus Holacracy, Open Space Technology und Art of Hosting um hier Schritt-für-Schritt neue Erfahrungen zu ermöglichen. 
Wir interessieren uns für alle Bereiche der Zusammenarbeit in Organisationen und Teams. Gerne machen wir uns nützlich, wo wir gebraucht werden. Meldet Euch!
That's all for now - see you next time!

Martin Röll, Annette Mehlhoop and the Structure & Process Team 

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