Meißen, Germany, October 7th 2014
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thrive (intransitive verb \ˈthrīv\)
: to grow or develop successfully : to flourish or succeed

Dear *|FNAME|*,

Portrait Photo of Martin RöllWhat does it mean to you, to thrive?
For me, it means to be fully alive. To grow, together with others, to learn, to change. To be able to contribute to something meaningful and take part in other's actions.

In July, we formally took "people thriving in collaboration" up as our company purpose.

And the company has been thriving, too: With three new clients who have joined us since last writing, we are working at our current full capacity: Martin is advising and consulting leaders on Business Development, Growth and Organisational Structure, and Rob is developing our offer for Personal Productivity.

Rob? That is: Rob van den Brand. Rob joined Structure & Process in August. He is based in Tilburg, in the Netherlands, and is an expert in personal organisation. If you speak Dutch, check out his offer floreren in je werk door optimale persoonlijke organisatie (thriving in your work through optimal personal organisation).

We strive to make Rob's offer available to you in English as soon as we can. Check out all of Rob's roles in the company on our public governance records, and say hello at 

Over the summer, Martin has been delivering Introductions to Holacracy in Munich and in Würzburg. The participants come partly from large organisations, partly from smaller companies struggling with maintaining good structure & work processes as they grow. Few people move on to actually implement Holacracy (although some do), but many are inspired by the clear meeting processes and constructive conversations about how-to-organise-the-work.

We have scheduled a new introductory talk and seminar to Holacracy in German in Dresden for November 10th and 12th. An English introduction to Holacracy is planned in Berlin in early December 2014 - please let us know if you are interested in joining this, then we'll update you on the plans right as they manifest.

S&P auf deutsch?
Für einen eigenen deutschen Newsletter hat es diesmal noch nicht gereicht. Auch unsere Website spricht noch komplett Englisch. Wir arbeiten daran. Für heute, die Zusammenfassung der aktuellen Nachrichten:

  • Wir haben den Zweck unseres Unternehmens neu gefasst: People thriving in collaboration, auf deutsch vielleicht: "Lebendiges Zusammenarbeiten" steht jetzt formell als Organisationszweck im Zentrum unserer Arbeit. 
    Wie können Menschen beim Zusammenarbeiten vollständig lebendig sein? Was braucht es, damit Arbeit in Projekten und Organisationen gesund und lebendig ist? Wir wollen es für uns herausfinden - und es dann mit anderen teilen. 
  • Dank drei neuer Kunden haben wir jetzt alle Hände voll zu tun: Wir arbeiten mit ihnen an Geschäftsentwicklung, Wachstum und dem Entwickeln sinnvoller Strukturen und Abläufe. 
  • Neu bei uns im Team ist Rob van den Brand aus Tilburg in den Niederlanden. Rob ist ein Experte für persönliche Organisation. Wir wollen sein Angebot für Einzelpersonen mit unseren Angeboten für Teams zusammenbringen. Rob spricht etwas deutsch, schreiben Sie ihm! (
  • Am 10. und 12. November veranstalten wir unter dem Titel "Lebendige, gesunde Projekte" eine Einführung zu Holacracy in Dresden (auf deutsch). 

Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse!

Inspirations for Project Work & Organisation Building

Some inspirations from our blog:
Many more articles and links on topics around effective, purposeful collaborative work can be found in our updated link collection on Tumblr!

News from Colleagues

Our former partner Tanja Korvenmaa has launched a new website in Finnish: Check out 

Wiebke Herding from Amsterdam has relaunched her website Wiebke creates momentum for sustainability, using communications strategy, effective meetings and project management

Isabella Oswald from Vienna has joined Structure & Process as a "Guest Partner", supporting us in various roles: She will especially be looking into developing online events (webinars) and improving our exchange with the Art of Hosting and the Non-Violent Communication communities.

German-Speaking Consultant / Analyst / Researcher, and support for event organisation & marketing needed

We are looking for
  • One German-Speaking senior or junior Consultant / Analyst experienced in Business Process Analysis / Business Process Improvement (local work in Meißen, Germany required)
  • One German-Speaking Assistant competent in Data Analysis and Research (dito). 
  • Interns, Guest Partners and Junior Associates to support our event / seminar business in various roles (scheduling, organising and marketing events, can mostly be done remotely.)
Please see our website for details on the open positions and information on how we work and contact to begin a conversation on working^W thriving together.

Upcoming Events with our participation:

Do let us know if you are also joining!
How are you? What do you, and what does your organisation need to thrive?
How can we help you in this? Please let us know if you'd like to explore the possibilities!

Herzliche Grüße, best regards, terveisin,

Martin Röll, with Rob van den Brand and Isabella Oswald
Another view from where much of this work comes from: Martin's home and work place in in Meißen, Germany (August 30th 2014). 

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