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7/23/21 | 27/52

Last week I completely forgot about cinnamon tic tacs! On Sunday I also saw that there are now Coca-Cola flavored tacs available but I didn't try them because it looked like they were only being sold in buckets of 500. I'll keep my eyes open for a more reasonable sample pack and report back once I've given them a taste.

I try to keep these pretty light and fun but I thought it was worth mentioning that two people I know have come down with Covid after being vaccinated. Their symptoms were mild and they recovered quickly but it's still something to be aware of as we all ease up on mask wearing. Please try to be careful out there as you make the most of this beautiful day.

an astronaut screams

guess we'll see what happens

Lately I've been making a point to really go for it when I skate. Not that I wasn't trying before but lately there's been something extra. I'm not sure if the urgency comes from getting older or if I'm just feeling really comfortable on my board but when I head out I tell myself I'm going to learn a new trick or relearn a trick I've lost or I'm going to film a clip or try something that scares me a little. It almost never works out and that's become my favorite part of skateboarding. Sometimes my legs just aren't there and I can't jump as high I hoped. Sometimes I go to a spot I found and realize there's a big crack or the ground is awful or the angle makes it impossible to hit. Sometimes it's all of those problems and more. Usually there's a little disappointment but then the wheels start turning and I start to figure out something else. What's going to work? What should I try instead? Is there a different spot on the next street? Sometimes it takes a while of feeling it out and it all works out. Sometimes you try until you can't any more and you walk away with nothing. Sometimes you go a spot and there's car blocking it. This isn't unique to me. Most skaters know how to improv. Second trick of a three line isn't working? Try something different to get to that third trick.Trying feeble grinds and you keep twisting as you come out? Take it to fakie. If you don't want to come out fakie think about how you need to move your body so you don't twist. All of this sounds easy in the abstract but it comes with hundreds of attempts and failures and falls and blood boiling frustration when you get so close but don't roll away. Nothing is easy. You just have to keep trying.

I've been attempting to apply this same fluidity to my life. Every day I wake up with a goal of doing my best work and having the best day. I plan on accomplishing 40 hours of work in 5. I plan on writing 10,000 words and cleaning the basement. I plan on making the best dinner anyone's ever tasted. Then the puppy takes a really slow long walk and the cardboard I prepped is dry but needs to be flattened. We don't have any potatoes. Instead of getting upset or frustrated I've been trying to focus on how to improve process and technique. I've been trying something different. I'll make do with what we have in the fridge. Sometimes it's turns out OK. Sometimes it's extraordinary. Sometimes I spend hours working on something and have to throw it away and start all over again. I've realized that the important part is to keep working at it. Be open to the unexpected. Be open. No one has all the answers. Nothing is easy. You just have to keep trying.

Friend of the Week

I didn't have any submissions for this week so our Friend is the pioneering hip hop act Whodini. I feel like they get forgotten or overshadowed by some of their contemporaries but they are right there as far as early hip hop anthems. Look at this list of classic cuts: "Magic's Wand", "The Haunted House of Rock", "Freaks Come Out at Night", "Five Minutes of Funk", and the reason I'm including them here, "Friends". I'd like to thank them for these early contributions to the soundtrack of my life.

If you would like your best animal associate to be featured email me 3 pictures of them and I will do my best to try and capture their essence.

I've just finished up a couple projects that I'm excited to share but I'm waiting for the right time. They should starting making their way into the world over the next few weeks. If you are a beer drinker I'd suggest paying a final visit to Half Acre's Lincoln Avenue store before it closes this weekend. Lots of good memories made there.

If you ever miss an email or you see that it's Friday and no email has been delivered, you can always check out the archive link on the Serial Dispatch instagram. If you know anyone who might enjoy this weekly special delivery send them in that direction.


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