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8/20/21 | 31/52

Two of the best dudes ever, Tim and Joseph, just returned from their adventure out west. The stats: 41 days total, 18 different skateparks, 28 days of skating, 600+ miles on bicycle, Burnside x 7, EMB & Pier 7 to finish the trip. This video encapsulates the magic of their unforgettable summer.  Get hyped on the fun they had then get outside and make most of this beautiful day.

Either piece'a cake or a slice'a life

the billion dollar idea

As a loyal weekly reader of this fine newsletter I figure you deserve a reward so I’m here to give you my billion dollar idea. You can take it “Sharktank,” a program I’ve never watched but know about tangentially, where it will win the top prize and trophies. Grab it, improve it, run with it, then go make your fortune. The idea is for bed pockets. Specific pockets on your pillows and/or comforter so you have a good place to put your hands while you sleep. Look we’ve all been there, it’s 3 past midnight and your eyelids are heavy and there’s no place to put your hands. You can’t sleep on them because the big brain inside your noggin is too heavy and will crush them. Then there’s the cats and dogs and other occupants of the bed. They’re restricting your hand freedom. Now imagine you can slide your hand into some pillow pockets, they’re kind of a cross between an oven mitt and a cocoon, and the problem is solved. Will your hands get too hot? Most certainly but let the egg-heads and brainiacs figure out how to keep your hands cool. Will the dogs and cats and other bed occupants get into the pockets first? Probably but I’m sure there’s some clever solution to fix that. Maybe some type of unidirectional entrance. The logistical ins and outs are best left to the Nasa engineers and Sleep-number wizards. Can you store your keys and phone in the pockets? I guess but there might be some side effects associated with vibrating and buzzing so close to your head. Have a team of sleep doctors do an extended study on the matter and report back. Your only job is take this brilliant idea and get it up off the ground and into the air. Fire up the machines and let the manufacturing begin! Pillow pockets, your perfect slumber solution.  Good luck!

Friend of the Week

This week's friend was is another submission from Zack's Texas visit. "Zeva. She's a huntress and explorer. She mostly enjoys the company of her owner and other dogs. Not a fan of strangers."

If you would like your best animal associate to be featured email me 3 pictures of them and I will do my best to try and capture their essence.

I finally got around to trying the Coca-Cola tics tacs and found myself pleasantly surprised. I'm not sure how much of the soda you need to use to label it "made with Coca-Cola" but it did taste like there's some in there. They didn't have any fizzing properties and they aren't really minty. So I guess I'd give them a 4/10. Easily skippable.

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