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7/30/21 | 28/52

Every day we are getting closer to the release of Kyle's new book "The Most Fun Thing." The official date is August 10th and there is a reading and reception to go along with it. Get your copy pre-ordered then grab a ticket before they're all gone. It's going to be an awesome night.

Since we are still in the heart of summer be sure to reapply sunscreen before you head out to make the most of this beautiful day.

a potato dwells below the earth

full disclosure

If you've been reading these emails every week you are well aware of my excitement and love of the Olympics and here we are in the thick of it. From what I can tell there are a limited amount of commercials available to broadcast and the decision has been made to browbeat viewers with that small selection. My focus today is an unnamed prescription drug. This Olympics seems to have to more of those miracle drug, cure all, good for what ails you pill, advertisements. Sometimes they feature athletes that are about to compete. I don't remember the name or what it will cure but the warning for this drug really stuck with me. The warnings are normally over the top. Don't take if you are allergic to the miracle pill. The miracle pill can cause instant death. The medication may cause spontaneous deaf, dumb, blindness (aka Tommy syndrome). No word on your pinball abilities. This specific warning stated, "Be sure to tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection." This broke my brain. How would you know you have a parasitic infection if your doctor didn't diagnose it? Shouldn't that be in your charts? If you're at the doctor shouldn't you try and get some medicine for the parasites first? This brings up a larger point that I'm sure I don't understand. Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm just foolish. I've never gone to see a doctor and remarked, "I saw a commercial during the Shahs of Sunset and I think you should prescribe me this drug based on that." Do these advertisements work? Are they targeting doctors? Patients? Should I keep these pills in my glove box and pour them into my mouth at random intervals? Do we all need to get checked for parasitic infections?

Friend of the Week

This week's friend was sent in by Grant. One of my favorite things about being out and about in Chicago is randomly crossing paths with Grant as he pilots his van. "This is Izzy aka 'the smoosh.' We rescued her during covid. She looks like a Scottie mix but there isn’t an ounce of Scottie in her. She is a Pit Bull Pomeranian Shitzu Schnauzer. KT says Pit-Pom-Shitz-Nau."

If you would like your best animal associate to be featured email me 3 pictures of them and I will do my best to try and capture their essence.

It's hard to believe next week will be August! Time keeps moving forward at an unstoppable pace. Be sure to get some ice cream and long bike rides in before fall jumps out and surprises you.

If you ever miss an email or you see that it's Friday and no email has been delivered, you can always check out the archive link on the Serial Dispatch instagram. If you know anyone who might enjoy this weekly special delivery send them in that direction.


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