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6/11/21 | 21 /52

I heard from a couple people that they've missed an email here or there because it never arrived in their inbox. I can understand how last week’s message could have set off some warning bells. I'm fairly certain no one has used the term BackJack that much in any sort of online communication ever. If things go well and nothing sets off the alert and you do happen to receive this, please make the most of this beautiful day.

dearly beloved

dreaming when I wrote this

In this house we love Prince. To celebrate his birthday and kick off the countdown to the end of the school year, my wife played a bit of 1999 to start the day. I was concerned that it might be a little to risque so I gave the music video a quick watch. Pretty standard early 80s video. Not the best film quality. Some shots used multiple times. Some early computer effects. Basically a performance of the song on a stage. The band did do some solid synchronized dancing. I wish bands would bring that back. If I had a band I would bring up choreography at every practice. I forgot that Prince doesn't sing the opening lines or the response to them. In my head he sings every note.

The other thing that hit me really hard is the way this song will be understood by kids today. It's a given that it's an oldie for them. By the time they were born 1999 had already come and gone. Do they listen and think that's what really happened in 1999? War was all around us? The sky was all purple? The reality of people watching Friends and computers possibly failing is much duller. What about years from now? Will things get confused? Will people point to 2001 as a time we regularly ran on space stations? What about 2021? The days of the Sealab. 1984, will the book or the song be remembered as what that time was like?

I don't have any definitive conclusion or answers or statements. It's just odd to catch up to a future that once seemed so faraway and realize it wasn't as grand or awful or space aged as you were led to believe. Maybe if I can make to 2525 it will all pan out.

Friend of the Week

This weeks friend is, "Small Snowball/Bianca - aka Peeper-in-chief. The cutest cat east of the Mississippi"

If you would like your best animal associate to be a friend of the week simply email me 3 pictures of them and I will do my best to try and capture their essence.

I posted a picture on Instagram of one of the larger thread pieces I've been working on. Originally I shot the photo in the basement and it had a real "kidnapped person holding a newspaper" feel to it. This one is a little better but still doesn't do the thread and colors justice. Hopefully I'll be able to put a number of these together for in-person viewing this year.

If you ever miss an email or you see that it's Friday and no email has been delivered, you can always check out the archive link on the Serial Dispatch instagram. If you know anyone who might enjoy this weekly special delivery send them in that direction.


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