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12/24/21 | 49/52

First off and most importantly I need to issue a retraction. It's come to my attention that the USDA does not recommend microwaving brown bags. In my defense there are a ton of recipes that advocate it and personally I've never had an issue but I definitely defer to the experts. Brown paper bags are still excellent for transporting zip locked sandwiches or to blow up and pop to give someone a frighten or for last minute xmas wrapping.

If you are traveling for Christmas please be as safe as you can and think about people who might not have the best immune systems. Be patient and take extra time. There's no need to rush. Slow down and make the most of these beautiful days spent with people you love.

Once a baby

reckless running

A few weeks back we went to the Music Box and applauded the organist and ate buttered popcorn and watched the new Paul Thomas Anderson movie " Licorice Pizza". The movie has been getting great reviews and the cast does a superb job. I will let you judge it on it's merits after you view it. This is not a spoiler. This won't change anything. The film has a lot of running. Freewheeling, awkward, 70's style running.
Last Tuesday I got Cooley High from the library for something I'm working on. This is a phenomenal Chicago movie and while not everything holds up I still enjoy it very much. On this viewing I was reminded that it has some of the best reckless running ever filmed. At the start of the movie, after the most dangerous, riding on a CTA bus bumper stunt, there is an extended montage at one my personal favorite places on earth, the Lincoln Park Zoo. So much running and high fiving! While I respect the running, I feel like they are not getting the best of the zoo. They're running past a bunch of amazing animals!

Cooley High was later reconfigured and repackaged as the television show "What's Happening." This was shown on Fox32 in the coveted after-school/before dinner slot and I'm sure I've seen every episode at least 4 times. The opening credits brought back the easy jostling, kidding around running. I guess that was just a thing kids did in the 70s. My favorite episode of  "What's Happening" is actually a two part episode that concerns bootlegging at a Doobie Brothers concert. The Doobies perform several songs. They don't do any running.

I don't have a ton of interaction with youngsters and that's fine. I do hope they are still reckless running with their friends. Traveling through the world with a little light shoving, no-jive low fives and nonsensical laughter. Maybe there's a basketball to dribble and pass back and forth or a game of tag that never starts or ends it just continues. I don't even know if this was a part of my childhood or I just mix up the memory of seeing it on the screen and assume it was part of my life. I do know I love to see it. Youthful running, free and wild, pushing limitations, growing their way into this world.

Friend of the Week

On Tuesday I uploaded a short skateboarding edit named Stendhal Syndrome. It was filmed from September through December. I think it's a good way to close out the year. It feels good to put these clips out and start fresh in 2022. How is this the friend of the week? The video is filled with friends doing something they love and having fun. What more could you ask for?

If you would like your best furry friend, most delicate butterfly or snuggliest animal associate to be featured email me 3 pictures of them and I will do my best to try and capture their essence.

If you ever miss an email or you see that it's Friday and no email has been delivered, you can always check out the archive link on the Serial Dispatch instagram. If you know anyone who might enjoy this weekly special delivery send them in that direction so they can see if they'd like to join the list. Let's make it happen.


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