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7/16/21 | 26/52

After I finish writing this I'm going down to the basement to grip a new board. I'm also going to clean my bearings before putting them in a new set of Spitfires. I've been making this claim for weeks now but then I start working on other things and then it's time to cook dinner and before you know it a few days have passed and someone is hitting me up to go skate and there's no time to set up a new board. I've also become sentimental about my current set up. I like how it feels. We've had a bunch of great pandemic sessions together. We've been all over the city but now the tail is razored and the nose is chewed. So look for me rolling down the street on a fresh setup, headed out to make the most of this beautiful day.

go to sleep my little vampire

You're promising a lot

When you call your product "Lifesavers" you are setting a pretty high bar. I assumed that it had something to do with diabetes and blood sugar levels but it turns out it's because they are shaped like the ring you toss into the water if someone is drowning. Still it seems like someone at the Food Naming Department should have pushed harder on the factual truth behind the name. I like Lifesavers, especially the mixed fruit and cherry but I stopped buying them because once you open the roll you are exposing the next mint to the outside elements and usually end up covering them in lint and having them stick to the inside of your pocket.

Before they were discontinued, Certs shared the same "next mint pocket lint" issue. They also had the unusual selling point of containing Retsyn which, as far as I can tell, is a made up word for copper, cottonseed and some flavorings. They did a great job making it sound like Retsyn was a miraculous essential ingredient. It turns out you can make up a lot of words and claims. It makes me think of the odd things that have Gluten Free displayed on the label. Of course this bottled water is Gluten Free so technically you can put it on the label. Is that helping sales?

A single serving of tic tacs is one tac and that is outrageous. Nobody wants just one tac. It's not enough. I also don't know what flavor orange or fruit tic tacs are. Don't get me wrong they are enjoyable but I would never eat them with my eyes closed and think tropical fruit or fresh orange. Occasionally they come out with new flavors and I always try them and not matter what the flavor is they always taste like a tic tac. They should add that claim to the outside of the box, "Tic Tac flavored."

Both Mentos and Altoids slowly made themselves a fixture in our world. Both are delightful and I'm always happy to accept one if offered. I think they both came from Europe although Altoids may have just shown up from another time. Are there any other mints that can break into the mainstream? My brother used to bring me back an herbal Thai product that had a tree bark texture. It also tasted a bit like dirt but in a good way. I don't think that will make it big over here but I'm sure there's another treat from somewhere in the world that is plotting it's USA launch right now

My mom was pretty strict about how much sugar and candy we consumed so anytime we were out and asked her for candy she would reach in her purse and give us a Halls cough drop. Sometimes you got a Sucrets which tastes terrible. Usually it would be a Halls menthol drop but every once and a while it would be cherry or honey flavored. Similar to Tic Tacs, all Halls have a common base taste. They aren't great and they certainly aren't candy but when you are waiting for the South Shore to leave and you need a little snack, a Halls will hold you over. You won't complain either because even though it's not candy, it's something. Sometimes all you need is something. Not the exact thing. Not the perfect thing.  Just something. Sometimes you just take what you can get.

Friend of the Week

This week you get two friends who live with Jake and his family, "Bleu is our 72 pound American pitbull terrier. He's a top contender for laziest dog in the work and is more than ok with only one short walk a day. He loves tug of war (for a short duration) and enjoys laying in the sun. His bark is worse than his bite. He will bark loudly at people who are on the other end of our block, but remained couch locked and depressed all weekend while we baby-sat a dog half his size. Birdie has an eating problem and scares the hell out of me every morning by hiding behind a chair in our room while I brush my teeth. He killed a chipmunk that got stuck in our porch two weeks ago, and usually tries to spend his days laying in the grass in our backyard."

If you would like your best animal associate to be featured email me 3 pictures of them and I will do my best to try and capture their essence.

Let's hope the sun comes back out and we can fire up the grill and drink a lot of water and spend time outside under the clouds.

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