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6/18/21 | 22 /52

This Sunday is for celebrating fathers. Handshakes and hugs. Phone calls and stories. Sitting quietly together. For now find more ways to make the most of this beautiful day.

then we will live forever in the night

you're spilling them on the floor

I must start by emphatically stating that I am not a doctor. I don’t have a minute of medical training so as any sensible person should consult your personal physician before making any drastic decisions. With that said, I stand firmly behind my belief that movies and tv shows are constantly doing medicine wrong.

Heros, villians, sidekicks, love interests, comedians, characters you forgot about, they all seem to take medicine the same way Even though there is a perfect home for their prescription bottle named the medicine cabinet, they carry the bottle of pills with them, ignoring the rattling shhhkkk shhhkkkk shkkkk noise this generates.  When they are ready to take a dose, often times sitting alone in a car, they pop the top and pour an undetermined quantity into their mouth, sometimes appearing to chew them like tic tacs before swallowing them. This method is incorrect for a variety of reasons. If you’re sad taking 3 prozacs doesn’t fix that immediately. More pills won’t fix it faster. A lot of medicine is dependent on reaching levels through incremental build up. If you’re suffering from pain more pills may help but it certainly will make it very difficult to drive safely. The difference between 2 and 4 pills can be the difference between relief and a very deep sleep.  Some medicine needs to be taken with a meal. You get discharged from the hospital at 3 in the afternoon and the nurse will tell you to take one dose every 12 hours and it has to be taken with food.  Now you’re up at 2:45am mixing together salad greens waiting for the potatoes to crisp up nicely in the oven so you can have assemble a decent meal for your meds.

I’m aware this is an easy shorthand. The minute they start tic tacing the mystery prescription you know a character is really regretting the drunk driving accident that killed his fiancé and caused him to live with an exaggerated limp that sometimes disappears. Still it breaks the constructed reality like an airhorn bazooka. I don’t care if it’s a movie in outer space in the year 3000 and the character is regretting the drunk spaceship accident that killed his fiancé. If that alien reptoid starts fumbling around with a prescription bottle as the space rain streaks down his spacebubble windshield all I can think is, ‘well he sure is going to have to turn his life around if he ever wants to convince his space fiancés sister that he’s grown and learned and ready to love again. The first thing he needs to do is learn how to take medicine like a normal person.

Friend of the Week

This weeks friend resides out west in Oregon. I'll let Steven do the introducing, "Mochi is a 6 year old greyhound rescue. She raced 18 times before breaking her leg. Theres a big scar on her ankle area where the had to put pins in her so she is basically a robot dog now. Her injury was probably for the best since she got to retire early, racing is no way of life for these gentle giants. Mochi enjoys her trips to the dog park to meet up with friends. She tries to play with others but she’s too fast and the dogs get bored of trying to keep up with her. Anyways she’s a 60 lb lap dog who loves to cuddle with us and her 3 cat siblings (as long as she doesn’t step on them while climbing onto the furniture) She begs for an ice cube every morning while I make our smoothies and will eat most fruits and veggies as long is its not carrots."

Animals are absolutely amazing. I don't have any friends on deck for next week so if you would like your best animal associate to be featured email me 3 pictures of them and I will do my best to try and capture their essence.

This weekend find moments to be kind to yourself, moments to be patient and forgiving. Let yourself be open to infinite surprising possible tomorrows.

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