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5/28/21 | 19 /52

We've got a three day weekend on deck! I, for one, am ready to get outside and get involved with it. Let's start by agreeing to make the most of this beautiful day.

sort of an instigator

lookout for the cookout

While things are starting to get back into the groove we haven’t turned back time completely. We certainly aren’t at the pre-covid levels of hangouts but we’re on our way. With that in mind I want to start by giving unrestrained praise and gratitude to the hosts. The people who let you know they are having people over for some grilling and you should stop by. The brave folks who invite you into their home to track dirt on their carpet and spill soda on their couch.

I wasn’t born with the hosting and entertaining gene. I like having a couple friends over but even that’s a lot of stress. So much pre-party cleaning. What if the food doesn’t turn out? How many bags of potato chips are the right number of bags for this many people? Who’s in my basement and why? Has anyone seen the cats? They’ll wander off if the door is left open. Why is no one showing up? Why are people here early? Are the neighbors going to complain about the noise?

While I don’t like to host BBQs I do like to attend and with the lockdown I certainly have missed sitting on porches and hanging in backyards enjoying gourmet deliciousness from the grill. I also miss the usual suspects, the people you run into at every cookout. Here is a partial list of the people I will look forward to seeing once we get back to full tilt grill outs:
  • The person that shows up early to “help,” but mainly slows down the actual set and prep work.
  • The people who show up with too much beer. Sure you can never have too much beer but if somebody brings their own keg there are some implications about how late into the night they plan on raging.
  • The couple that is fighting and making things a little uncomfortable and tense for everyone else.
  • The couple with a napping newborn that you mistakenly and loudly curse in front of. Repeatedly.
  • The person with dietary or alcohol restrictions who has a lot of information they need to transmit to you. “Can I grab anything for anyone? A hot dog or a beer?” “Well I’ve been on Keto for the past two months and I’ve eliminated all stone fruits from my diet so if they happen to have any sort of….” “I don’t think the foods labeled so I don’t want to get you the wrong thing. Anyone else? I can bring you either a hot dog or a beer?”
  • The person no one knows. You’re not sure where they came from or who they know but they are a little out of place and they want to talk about sports.
  • The neighbors who felt obligated to stop by. They make a lot of jokes about “keeping it down,” but there is a lot truth in those jokes.
  • The couple who are sharing a chair and kissing. We get that you love each other but open mouth kissing is a little too much.
  • The crew that smells like a mossy greenroom who keep disappearing to “check out the basement.”
  • The person who wants to get a bunch of people to shotgun some beers. They are single.
  • The mysterious out of town guest. Usually another guest’s cousin or sister. They spend the day answering the same set of questions. Who they are. Who they know. Where they’re from. What they do. Why are they there. Who they are.
  • The person who takes over the grill. Usually they have a line on discounted meat and they know a butcher. Maybe they brought some special artisanal, small batch brats and a jar of their own stone ground mustard. They have a number of different techniques and theories. Their meat grilling monologue is often interrupted by party goers asking variations of the same question. “What’s the good word on those burgers?” “Any news on the dogs?” “Do you have an eta on when anything will be done?”
  • The person who wants to tend the fire. This is an unsung MVP. They mainly just want to hang out around the firepit poking at it and adding wood.
  • The random feral child between 4 – 8 years old walking around with firecrackers and a lighter. Where did the fireworks come from? It’s only Memorial day. Should I say something? Are they drinking hand sanitizer now? Delivering beers to the adults? Should I ask them to grab me one?
  • The people who’ve already attended two other cook outs and need to lay down for a bit. Usually they wake up pretty sunburnt with some blades of grassed pressed onto their arms and legs.
  • The people who won’t leave. The grills off, food is gone, everything has been put away. Probably a good time to hit the bricks.
This is by no means an exhaustive list. It’s just a few of the characters you may run into. So if you are attending a cookout over this Memorial Day weekend take a moment and give the hosts a hand. Clean up a little before you leave. Help that kid find his parents. Bring some extra drinks and food. Do your part to be the best guest you can be so the hosts continue to invite you to future events and you continue to have backyards to hang out during the summer holidays.

Friend of the Week

This week's friend, Paco, lives with Cha Cha who you may remember from last week. I'm not certain if they are friends are simply tolerate each other but I'm a fan of both. Thank you to Nick for sending them both in!

If you would like your best animal associate to be a friend of the week simply email me 3 pictures of them and I will do my best to try and capture their essence.

Thank you so much for choosing to spend these moments together. I got a lot of awesome ideas about perfect days. I plan on trying to recreate what I can and use some of the suggestions as starting points for new practices and adventures. If you ever miss an email you can always check out the archive link on the Serial Dispatch instagram. If you know anyone who might enjoy this weekly special delivery send them in that direction.


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