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6/25/21 | 23 /52

There seems to be a lot more movement in the world. Some friends are heading out on adventures while others are returning. Plans are being made. Trips are being discussed. On top of all that, live music has returned. Saturday night, the solid sound of Thundershirt will be rocking my ears and making me smile! Schools out for summer! Get out and make the most of this beautiful day.


atop the podium

Between Sha'Carri Richardson becoming the fastest woman in the world and Simone Biles landing the Yurchenko double pike vault in competition, I'm ready to dive head first into the Olympics. Growing up the Olympics were a huge thing in our house. Back then the winter and the summer games both occurred in the same year and it seemed like that was all you watched. Then you went outside and raced your friends and tried to see who had the best long jump and in the winter you ran and jumped on your red plastic sled attempting to be some sort of a bobsledder. My mom wasn't normally a big sports fan but she was all in on the Olympics. We'd watch from the opening ceremony until the last country walked out at the closing. We'd discuss the countries we'd never heard of and figure out their location on the globe. We'd watch sports we didn't care about at all. Allowing ourselves to be captivated by archery and race walking and rhythmic gymnastics. Some of my favorite Olympic memories are the Dream Team, Pocket Hercules, China's opening ceremony, Kerri Strug's injured landing and of course Usain Bolt and his gold shoes. There are so many great stories every games and I'll give credit where it's due, the reporting, the storytelling, the commentators are all fantastic.

Skateboarding will debut at the Olympics this summer and there has been a lot of discussion about it. I'm fine with that. I'll certainly watch it. I'll also be annoyed when someone sees me skating and decides to tell me how I need to increase my amplitude to get radical on the grind. I know that. I spend hours in parking lots with my friends every weekend trying to pull off slick maneuvers for absolutely no points. On the other hand I get what I deserve. Every time I watch the Olympics I come away an expert critic and analyst on sports I've just learned about and will probably never watch again. If someone told me they were an Olympic high jumper I'm sure I would just regurgitate something I heard a commenter say about lift and explosive take off.

There are a few things I don't like about the Olympics. First being the sitcom ads. Knowing they have a captive audience the network broadcasting the competitions will pound your brain with ads for a sitcom they are trying to launch. It seems like they all fail. I remember one Olympics it was a show that had a tiny monkey in a doctors outfit. I think that lasted two episodes before cancellation. For a long time I disliked John Mulaney because they wouldn't stop talking about his sitcom. It usually came up at a terrible time: "....and we're waiting to see if the athlete from France will be able to recover from that torn ligament and while we're waiting set your VCRs for Thursdays newest laugh riot, Mulaney. What will Mulaney get into next? Find out Thursday's after the Olympics."

The other thing I don't like is the fact that we put so much weight on the gold. There are the predictions. The pressure. The constantly updated medal scoreboard. It's only every 4 years so what if there's an injury. If you tell someone you were in the Olympics the first thing they'll ask is, "did you win the gold?" Nevermind that to get to make the team it takes years and years of sacrifice, training, luck, genetics, coaches, and devotion. Even if you didn't win gold you are still one of the elite athletes of the world. There's an HBO documentary that looks at the life after the Olympics and it's sobering. It makes me wish we would have a celebration for all Olympiads when they return back home. Not just the ones who make the Wheaties box but the ones who give everything and come in 5th.

Dislikes aside, July 23rd is a month away but I'm already excited. Bring on the synchronized diving. Bring on the hurdles. Is there jai lai this year? If so I'm ready to give it some time. To help get you in the spirit I'll leave you with Mary Carrilo talking about Badmitton, one of the best, off the rails, speeches in the history of television. I hope there's at least one of these moment this summer!

Friend of the Week

This week's friend, Minny, is part of the dynamic duo that live with my cousin KC and her family. She is currently in the heart of summer madness with kids and camps and home projects occupying every waking moment. Next Friday will feature Minny's partner in crime! 

If you would like your best animal associate to be featured email me 3 pictures of them and I will do my best to try and capture their essence.

I hope you enjoyed this moment together and you feel it was worth your time. That's the bargain. That's the give and take.

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