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7/2/21 | 24 /52

Originally this week's essay was going to be about things I found bizarre, laughable and insane in the movie JFK but I didn't think most people would want to start their weekend reading several thousand words on Tommy Lee Jones white brillo pad hair or Joe Pesci's clown like painted on eyebrows. There is one thing I do feel compelled to share and it's the excuse delivered at a news conference by John Candy's Daddy-O, sweaty beatnik character. (I had completely forgotten that he was still alive when this movie was released. In my mind he died around 1987) His excuse, "I didn't talk to no one after the assassination. I was on the hospital." can be used in almost any situation to get out of almost any lie. If further questions are raised, simply repeat, "I was on the hospital." Hopefully you won't need to employ this diversion any time soon. Try your best to live purely and make the most of this beautiful day.

dracula of saturn

poem for pride

Sometimes a simple honest outpouring of emotions will make my eyes wet.

To everyone,

I am in awe of your courage. I am sad for your sorrow. The world can be hard-hearted. Not all worlds are hard-hearted.

Friend of the Week

Honey, is the counterpart to last week's featured friend, Minnie. Some exciting news? We've added a new addition to our home. I'll introduce you to her next week.

If you would like your best animal associate to be featured email me 3 pictures of them and I will do my best to try and capture their essence.

I hope this was a good way to start your 3 day holiday weekend and your July 4th is filled with grilling and a moderate amount of fireworks. Don't forget to be careful with explosives. I'll see you on the other side with all fingers and eyeballs in good working order.

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