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8/27/21 | 32/52

Unfortunately it seems like no one is that excited about my Pillow Pocket concept. Looks like it's time for some honest to goodness needle and thread proto-typing over here.
But before I start I plan to spend some present moments in the world making the most of this beautiful day.

They're already here

first try this try

If you're only going to watch one Chicago Skateboarding video to get you excited to roll around this weekend I'd suggest Tim and Zack's Lack of Pies. I'll admit I'm biased but I think it's pretty good encapsulation of the summer I've had with my friends. We had a lot of fun. My wife was disappointed by the lack of cat/dog footage and the absence of bloopers.There's a nice little animation I enjoyed putting together at the end. I feel so humbled and grateful to have such an awesome crew of people in my life. 

Friend of the Week

This week's friend isn't a specific individual, it's a whole species. I don't know much about cicadas. They live in the ground? They sleep for 100 years? I do know that they make a wild buzzing noise and they shed some type of outer skeleton shell. I also know that my dog Maggie loves to eat them. Doesn't matter if they are dead or just a shell. One even flew into her mouth and buzzed around there before heading towards her stomach. The zzzzz sound is so constant that it's turned into background static. I don't even notice it anymore.

If you would like your best animal associate to be featured email me 3 pictures of them and I will do my best to try and capture their essence.

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