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This week The Lunch Read lost one of our own. A gentle leader and a faithful friend, an independent thinker and the glue that bound all of us together, Adam was taken from us far too early – he had so much left to give.
We’ve spent the past week reminiscing, celebrating his memory and leaning on his incredible wisdom. He was an avid writer, and his words echo with the insight of someone far beyond his years. The best we can do to honor his wise words is share them with you. And so today, we present you with the wisdom of Adam London. May his memory be a blessing.  

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Brewing Thoughts on Life and Death

"It's a testament to your complete comprehension of life that the only words any of us can find in this time of sadness are the words you wrote yourself."
(5 min)   Sam Goodman


It's Unfair

"I knew Adam was a very talented young man. What I didn't know is that he was also an amazing life force."
Side Dish (3 min)   Eric Lefkofsky


Everything Doesn't Happen For A Reason

"Some things in life cannot be fixed. They can only be carried."
ée (7 min)   Tim Lawrence


Travel While You're Young

"It's now or never to make travel a part of your life. You say you'll get to it later, but if it's not important now-- when you're young and limited in responsibilities-- when will it be?"
Side Dish (5 min)   Adam London


On the Marathon (and a Morning Run)

"We are all runners; we are all humans. We are the father or mother of a child lost. And our hearts break and break, but we live by breaking."
Side Dish (5 min)   Adam London


Connecting the Dots

"It's not the number of people you know, it's your willingness and ability to selflessly help those people."
Side Dish (5 min)   Adam London


An Open Letter to Michigan Freshmen

"Be a good friend. Try your hardest to do something because it's the right thing to do, not because you expect something in return."
ée (7 min)   Adam London


Logging Off (When We're Always On)

"It's important to have experiences, real ones- conversations and debates with friends, trips around the world, a struggle through a first job or first love. And it's important that these connections have depth beyond a LinkedIn request and approval."
Side Dish (3 min)   Adam London


Binders Full of Thoughts

"Women everywhere bring knowledge and skills that this country desperately needs to continue to thrive, innovate and grow."
ée (8 min)   Adam London


The Story Behind 'The Lunch Read'

"The Lunch Read is a chance to learn together, to tell a story, to spread love of a new author or point people to a fantastic essay they might have missed. It's getting better each week. And I promise, we're just getting started."
Dessert (3 min)   Adam London



Viral Pick: 2012 Photo A Day

In 2012, at the challenge of another Lunch Read member, Adam took a photo a day. We challenge you to do the same. You'll be surprised by the "memorable/beautiful/unique" moments captured.

Lunch Recipe: Carrot Cake Coffee Cake

Two of his favorite things, combined - a match made in Instagram heaven.


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