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You are the Eyes of the World 

It may only be our second week of 2017, but we've already seen the spectrum of hatred and greatness this world can offer. And while the future might seem blurry for some, it doesn't mean we don't have a lot to look forward to - at least for January.

So try to look on the bright side, Lunch Readers. Only 67 days until Spring!

- Today's Menu -

Hipsters Broke My Gaydar
"You're all lesbians now, America."
Appetizer (4 min) 
  NY Times 

Beyoncé Interviews Solange
A glimpse of what it's like to be music's most prominent sisters.
Appetizer (6 min) 

A Selection of the 30 Most Disappointing Under 30
Like the Forbes list, but more attainable.
Appetizer (5 min) 
  The New Yorker

To My Fellow Americans
Don't leave us, President Obama
Entrée (7 min)   Medium

The Concussion Diaries: One High School Football Player's Secret Struggle with CTE
"Zac left instructions: Print his story off his laptop, post it to Facebook, use the pain of his life and too-early death to warn the world about CTE. Get people like us—football fans, football players, football lifers—to face the truth about people like him. And now we have. Those were his instructions, so that's what his family did. So now what?"
Entrée (9+ min)   GQ

I Dropped Acid and Saw Into The Future: My Surreal First Time at CES
"I felt strongly that the robot on the outside was ostracized because she was too fat, or because she’d hit on one of the dance team robot’s boyfriends. Either way, she was not sitting with the cool robots at lunch. I felt really bad for her. I couldn’t look her in the plastic eyes."
Entrée (8 min)   The Daily Beast

Rap's First Millennial Grows Up
The evolution of Lil Wayne.
Side Dish (5 min) 
  The Fader

Social Media Users Have Hijacked Celebrity Deaths for Self-Glorification
Mourning, once complex and personal, has been reduced to a few hasty clicks and GIFs."
Side Dish (5 min)   NY Post

How Memes Turned Migos's "Bad and Boujee" Into a Billboard Hit
Donald Glover's Golden Globes shoutout didn't hurt either...
Dessert (5 min) 
  The Ringer

A.J. Daulerio Is Ready to Tell His (Whole) Gawker Story
"There were a lot of nights where I would lie there and ask myself, 'Did I cross the line this time?'"
Dessert (9 min)   Esquire

Songs to Add Spice to your Week:
Call Ticketron - Run the Jewels
Stand Tall - Childish Gambino
Name for You - The Shins
Migos' "T-Shirt" music video is WINTER GOALS.
"I am asking you to believe. Not in my ability to bring about change -- but in yours."
- President Obama
Can Cellulite Sell Magazines? 
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