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Giant Strides in World Health, but It Could Be So Much Better
"In surveys, Americans overwhelmingly believe that world poverty is getting worse or staying the same (it’s getting much better)."
Appetizer (5 min) | The New York Times

Facebook: Where Friendships Go to Never Quite Die
Give that dead body a poke to see if it's still likin'.
Entrée (8 min) | The Atlantic

Porn: you know it when you see it, but can a computer?
Whoa whoa, at least program it to take me out to dinner first.
Starter (6 min) | The Verge

From work to family - the experts' guide to a low-stress life
"How to ease your anxiety about relationships, work, family or money"
Appetizer (5 min) | The Guardian

The Best Way To Stay Up To Date
Having trouble keeping up with the news? Us too, and it’s our job! Cheddar’s Need 2 Know gives you the day’s most important stories delivered to you inbox every morning (with some jokes thrown in to help you wash it all down). There is no better way to keep up with everything that you Need 2 Know to start your day.
Sponsored Snack | Need2Know

Word: Woke
"Definition in Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary: past tense and past participle of wake
Definition in African American Vernacular English (AAVE): 'well-informed, up-to-date'"

Dessert (3 min) | The Believer

This Dinosaur Had a Mohawk of Horns
This dinosaur went to every Warped Tour and knows more than four Blink-182 songs. He learned to play bass, but only if it's a four chord pop-punk song. He hates this small town and his dino-dad.
Dessert (4 min) | The Atlantic

Why Your Eiffel Tower Photos May Be Illegal
And yet taking a picture pretending to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa is still sadly legal...
Dessert (5 min) | Huff Post
Universal Studios now has a walk around character from Trolls that actually farts glitter. Sooooo...yeah.
Songs That My Friend John Says Are Cool
Age of Consent by New Order
Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush
I Only Said by My Bloody Valentine

STMFJSAC Spotify Playlist
A brief history of unreliable images that somehow doesn't mention your Instagram. Ayee, gotcha.
@rachelhelenw: Yesterday a girl walked into class with an iced coffee and my prof told her she couldn’t have it so she just walked out and never came back and I can’t stop thinking about it
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