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Spring Is (Kind Of Almost) Here (Sort Of)!

We're celebrating the beginning of Spring this week because we have something already planned for next week... So whether it's 90 degrees F or below freezing - put on some pastel colored shorts and sniff a flower and that's it. Those are all the springtime activities.

Enjoy your lunch.

- Today's Menu -

‘Life Is Very Interesting at 95’
“The thing that bothers me is that my kids are 60 years old—I’m staying young, and they’re getting old!”
Appetizer (6 min) | The Atlantic (Video)

Here’s The Real Difference Between Good Debt And Bad Debt
“The way to determine which is which is to consider whether or not the debt is creating a future opportunity or a future problem,” 
Entrée (7 min) | Huff Post

What is seafood fraud? Dangerous—and running rampant, report finds
Hmmm there's something fraudy about these fish.
Starter (5 min) | National Geographic

On the fury road: the Mad Max-inspired desert festival – in pictures
One of the coolest festivals you'll ever WITNESS WITNESSSSSSSSSSSS WIIIIIIIIIIIIITNESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. That really won't make sense if you haven't seen the movie.
Appetizer (5 min) | The Guardian

Click, Ship, Sizzle, and Serve With Home Chef
Home Chef is one of the largest meal kit brands which means they have a recipe for everyone. With easy-to-follow recipe cards and fresh, pre-portioned ingredients, you will have everything you need to create delicious meals inside your Home Chef box. Just pick one of their high quality recipes and everything you need is shipped right to you. Sign up for Home Chef today and enjoy $35 in free meals.
Sponsored Snack | 
Home Chef

How an App for Gamers Went Mainstream
"Discord has become an indispensable tool for internet creators to connect with their fans."
Dessert (6 min) | The Atlantic

Marvel's What If? Series Will Reportedly Give You Lots of Alternate Endings
So will my slash fiction but Marvel wont answer my emails.
Dessert (4 min) | GQ

Britney Spears Songs on Broadway? It’s Not Just a Fairy Tale
What's your name man? My name is It's Britney Bitch...My name is It's Britney Bitch.
Dessert (3 min) | The New York Times
Pigcasso is making beautiful paintings and living her best life and we are all very very proud of her.
Songs That My Friend John Says Are Cool
Funny Business by Alice Merton
Not Enough by Benny Sings
Hello Can You Go by WOOZE
STMFJSAC Spotify Playlist
Sometimes it's nice to know that desperate confusion for the state of politics is universal.
Mark Twain didn’t learn to read until he was 63
Stanley Kubrick was only 41 when he faked the moon landing
Paul McCartney was already dead when The Beatles recorded Abbey Road

It’s never too late. Don’t give up
Thank you for reading you wonderful people! Now get back to work...
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